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diy outdoor fireplace

6 Steps to Build an Outdoor Fireplace

There is no doubt how much we love winter. All of us wait all year long for this season. It brings us vacations, festivals, and families together. The only drawback

Interesting Facts About Fireplace

11 Interesting Facts About Fireplace

Do you want to know some interesting facts about the fireplace? We can tell you that you will be astonished after knowing some fantastic facts about the fireplace. You may

benefits of fire pit

Top 8 Benefits Of Having A Fire Pit

Have you ever sat on a fantastic evening in your backyard and wished you could stay, just forced there because it was too cold to enjoy? Then, imagine it; Right

how does a fire glass work

How Does a Fire Glass Work

The combination of fire and glass quickly became a fast-growing trend for homeowners and designers since it was introduced to you in the early-2000s. It has become popular among us

how to use lava rocks

How to Use Lava Rocks for A Fire Pit

Lava rocks are now the most versatile and popular element for fire pits. It is created naturally after an eruption of a volcano. The magma of the volcano intensifies on

fire glass vs lava rock

Fire Glass VS Lava Rock Comparison

Fire pits are a beautiful enhancement in the home, patio, or backyard. it’s better to say vital than only an enhancement. The chilly summer night, the evening with friends, the

how does a smokeless fire pit work

How Does A Smokeless Fire Pit Work

Missing out the fun of a fire ambiance in cold weather because of the annoying smoke? Have no worries! A smokeless fire pit can easily solve your problem. It will

diy fire pit swing

DIY Fire Pit Swing In 25 Steps

Fire Pit swing is a phenomenal setup to enjoy your fire pit time more comprehensively. A swing set up around the fire pit enhances the look of the area. And

diy fire pit spark screen

9 Steps To Make A Fire Pit Spark Screen

An outdoor fire environment gets more enjoyable and comforting when it assures you safety and allows you to sit back and relax completely. Firepit spark screens come to your aid

Build A Stone Fire Pit in 6 Steps

Build A Stone Fire Pit in 6 Steps

Firepit outdoors is just an amazing place for gathering, chatting and giggling. To spend good times and share great pleasure with family and friends.  Stone fire pits are familiar as

how to install fire glass in fire pit

How to Install Fire Glass in a Fire Pit

After spending a wonderful evening around a cozy fire, worrying about tidying up the fire pit can kill the vibe for you. Switching from traditionally used firewood to fire glass