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Buying Guides for Portable Fire Pits

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When the temperature outside drops a little, you may desire for a cozy, warm environment to spend some quality time with your friends, and family, or maybe alone at your campsite. A fire pit can be your ideal companion to make pleasant memories in chilly weather.

However, carrying around a heavy fire pit can cause you trouble while exhausting both your time and energy. Sometimes, it can also kill your mood for the entire evening.

A portable fire pit can offer you the desirable warmth and coziness to your outdoor space along with comfort and convenience. Additionally, you will get several benefits as a bonus if you opt for the portable ones.

They will provide you the same warmth and visual experience as traditional ones while offering much comfort, convenience and entertainment. With a portable one, you won’t have to worry about the hassle of transportation anymore.

Today we are going to provide a buying guide for you to buy the most compatible portable fire products for your outdoor visits. We will consider all the significant factors to help you choose the best match.

There will be an additional FAQ section to make your fire experience better than ever.

Before getting started with the guide, we will review the benefits of having a portable fire pit for you!

              Benefits of Buying a Portable Fire Burner

If you have a taste for modern fire pits, then portable ones have a lot to offer you.

It has a variety of major advantages to your convenience. The first to start with, you can easily move it to your outdoor spot according to your preference. Be it your backyard, or campsite, or a deep forest, or even beach. You can easily set it up and enjoy the comforts of a cozy, warm atmosphere anywhere you want, and then pack it away when you’re done.

Benefits of portable fire+pit

There are many styles available for portable fire burners that will suit different types of outdoor places, be it your patio, or backyard. Additionally, starting the fire in the portable ones is pretty easy when you compare it to the traditional ones. You will get easy ignition systems in few of them to operate it in the most convenient way.

You can also control the flame height, maintain it in a flexible way while enjoying a significant heat output. You can easily connect a propane tank to your burner, light it up and enjoy the ultimate warmth in chilly weather.

Furthermore, if you are planning to renovate your home decor, you better go for a portable fire pit as it will serve you the best in such scenarios.

Apart from all the other benefits, you can use decorative fillers such as fire rated glass, stones, or lava rocks to add a touch of aesthetic to your fireside. There are options for you to change the fillers per your ambiance.

If you are thinking of getting one for you this year, you can check our 10 best portable fire pits of 2021, and buy the right one for you!

          Things To Consider Before Buying A Portable Fire Pit

1. Fire Pit Materials

There are fire pits available for you in the market constructed of various materials. You need to note that the material you choose for your fire appliance should depend on where and how often you are going to  use it.

You should consider fire pits that have a heavy construction if you want it to sustain for many seasons. You can consider the ones that are made with durable materials, such as Alloy Steel, Stainless Steel, Gauge Steel, Concrete etc. Such materials will provide you a higher performance and also sustain for a longer period of time.

However, if you want to buy a fire product on the cheap side, you may have to spend it next year all over again. So, it will always be a wise investment if you spend some extra bucks to get a quality one.

2. Fuel Type

There are a variety of ways to fuel portable fire pits. You must choose your fire pit considering what kind of fuel type you are comfortable using.

Here, we will try to give you some insight about different types of fuel to help you choose your type.


The most common and available fuel source you will find for fire pits is wood. It is on the inexpensive side, and will save you from spending much on fuel.  

If you are aiming to use your burner not only for a source of warmth, but also for cooking quite frequently, wood-burning ones will be better for you than other types. 

They will produce a smokey, charcoal flavor that would be perfect for hamburgers, hot dogs, steaks, chicken, pork, vegetables and more.

If you prefer natural ambiance, and may want to enjoy the nostalgic vibe of a campfire, you may consider this fuel type. It will also give you a huge amount of heat output, definitely more warmth than any other types.

However, you need to also note that wood-burning ones produce comparatively more smoke and may not offer you a complete smokeless environment, and might be difficult to clean and maintain.


It is usually easier and quicker to make a fire from charcoal if you compare it to wood, if you create a  traditional wood fire made starting with tinder and kindling.

Charcoal fire pits are also preferable if you are planning to grill food on your fire pit. Charcoal will give your food a similar texture and taste, and the charcoal produces a controlled, even heat with a smaller flame.

Moreover, charcoal ones are easier to keep going by simply adding more charcoal.


The prime advantage of choosing this fuel type is that you will get a smoke-free fire ambiance. Propane fire pits burn clean, producing almost zero to little ash, or debris. As a result, these types are easier to clean.

You can easily get propane tanks or gas cylinders from retail locations, gas stations, and hardware supply stores.

Additionally, using propane fire pits can be the safest choice for you, your family, and for the environment as well. There are negligible emissions from propane, reducing the carbon footprint of your home.

3. Model

Models of portable fire pit

Portable fire pits come in various styles. You should consider the size and design keeping your winter plan and outdoor spot in mind.

If you are buying the product to take it to campsite, or beach, you should go for the compact and most lightweight ones.

However, if you are getting it for your backyard, or patio, or for small gatherings outside, you should go for the bigger ones with exclusive designs.

No matter what model you choose, don’t forget to consider the efficiency. Because, the model won’t keep you warm in cold weather, the warmth will.

4. Features

Features of portable fire pit

Safety Screen Included: 

A spark screen prevents sparks, embers from breaching the pit and burning people, pets or the surrounding area. Sparks can also land on surrounding debris such as clothing or dry leaves and ignite a fire.

Moreover, a fire screen can prevent these types of fire hazards and ensure you a safe fire environment.

Cooking Accessories Included: 

If you love to cook frequently using your fire burner, you should go for the ones that come with cooking tools such as, cooking grates, poker, roasting sticks etc.

Safe for Wooden Deck: 

If you are planning to enjoy a fire ambiance in your wooden patio, floorboard, or balcony, opt for the ones that are safe to use on a wooden deck

Portable fire stoves that have legs, or stands, or stand a few inches above the ground will be safe for you to use and keep on wood surfaces. It will be easier for you to sit back and relax on your deck.

Covers Included:

If you are concerned about the durability of your fire product, consider buying the ones that come with a storage cover.

If you are looking for convenience to transport your fire stove to places easily with comfort, go for the ones that include carrying bags.

However, you can always buy both types of covers separately with your fire pit. So, if you find one that is offering quality performance, durability, and affordability, you should just go for it without bothering about the free covers. 

5. Easy Maintenance

If you are not having comfort and convenience while using a fire pit, there is a high possibility that you won’t be able to enjoy the fire ambiance. So, it is important to consider the options that will offer you both convenience and comfort no matter how efficient the product is, or how long it is going to sustain.  

Always check the maintenance instructions and pick the easiest one for you. Flexibility, and easy maintenance will save you a lot of work, time, and mental pressure.

The abovementioned factors can play a vital role to help you get the right fire pit, and have the best fire experience. So keep them in mind while buying your fire appliance.

                        Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few additional information on portable fire pits that you might be interested to know!

Are portable fire pits safe?

Make sure the ground is level when it comes to using a portable fire pit. In wood-burning portable ones, safety begins with fuel. Only burn wood that’s been seasoned at least six months. Avoid using construction materials, such as plywood or composite woods, which can release toxic fumes when burned.

What do you put under a portable fire pit?

You can easily find a hardboard of cement, landscaping tiles, concrete or any other heat resistant material to put under a fire pit on grass or your precious deck. These non flammable, heat resistant materials will absorb much of the heat thereby insulating your surfaces from the fire pit heat.

How to maintain safety standards while using portable fire pits?

To ensure the maximum safety, don’t forget to remove all grass and debris within a 10-foot diameter of your fire pit. Always supervise your children around it, even if there is a safety guard in place. You must need to store water nearby before starting the wood-fueled ones. Keep a fire extinguisher within 15 feet of your fire pit to be prepared for any type of fire hazard.


Let’s have a quick look at what you have gathered so far. You have got buying instructions for portable fire pits in detail including various information on material, fuel type, model, feature, maintenance etc.

Now you can easily go for the one that will match your requirements and also fit in your budget.

So, did it help you to shortlist your type? Have you found the information you needed? If it provided you with the answers to your queries, we will be glad to know. Share your opinions with us and if there’s something more to add, let us know in the comment section. We would appreciate your feedback!

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