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Buying Guides for Wood Burning Fire Pits

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buying guides for wood burning fire pits

A fire pit has been necessary stuff in a home more than a luxury. Over the season around, we need a fire pit to keep us warm and active. And among all fire pits, wood-burning ones are the traditional, timeless, and most efficient.

Besides that, these fire pits are beautiful! When inflamed, it spontaneously creates a focal point! The warmth and coziness of ambiance will bring peace and relaxation to you and your close ones. These fire pits are the most popular and available ones and come in a wide range of variety. With so many options and so many qualities, you may find it difficult to choose a perfect fire pit for you. Let us help you with that.

This article has come with the key specifications you should know about before buying a wood-burning fire pit. Also, we have tried to give answers others frequently asked.

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Things to Consider before Getting a Wood Burning Fire Pit 

Anything before buying, you should clarify to yourself why you need that thing. How efficient the thing is going to meet your needs. Then the features, specification, appearance, and if the thing is for your money or not. 

So if you come to the point that you will buy a wood-burning fire pit, these are the top things you should consider.

1. Material

Material is the first thing you should take on your knowledge. The fire pits are mainly made with different types of metals like iron, cast iron, steel, copper, stainless steel, etc. 

Iron– Iron is a common metal in our household. It is safe, available, and easy to keep up. But as iron tends to rust, if you will have an iron-made fire pit, cover it up to ensure you use your fire pit for a longer period. 

Cast Iron– this metal made product has an exclusive hand-finished outlook, which will give your fire pit a natural rawness. Cast iron is pretty durable, and it is also good for cooking.

Copper– Copper is firm metal with extensive durability. And the classic reddish look of copper, you never can get over! 

Stainless steel– Nowadays, stainless steel is becoming more familiar to us. It’s sturdy and durable yet light in weight.

Metals are prone to water and air. However, your full fire pits have weather-coated paint on them, but make sure to cover your fire pit when it is not in use. 

2. Durability 

That is the most important thing to consider before buying a wood-burning fire pit. Check the reviews and comments on how durable a user finds a fire pit. Choose among the best metals and sturdily constructed ones. After purchasing, take routine care of your fire pit. Clean them after every ignition. Cover and store in a safe place when not in use.

3. Size and shape 

There is huge versatility in the size and shapes of the fire pit. Large and massive to small and convenient in size. Round, square, rectangle shapes are basic ones. 

Before choosing the size or shape, estimate the space of your patio or backyard. You can explore the modern outdoor layouts of different outdoor interiors to know what size will go with your space. 

Ensure your fire pit does not consume too much space, or it becomes too tiny to warm up your area. 

4. Design 

Fire pits design should go up with your taste, setup, and vibe of the space. It is important to hold up the whole scenario. The design can vary from company to company. But most of them want to pace up with the trend and user interest. If you are a contemporary lover, you can have one with modern looks.

wood burning fire pit designs

If your place emphasizes tradition, then a traditional design will bring you the best outcome. so before buying, you can check on them in an online marketplace or your nearby physical store.

5. Assembling 

Assembling can be a hard deal if your fire pit has too much equipment to put in. It can be time consuming and irritating. Be sure that your fire pit does not require huge time and hassles to assemble. Find the easy and prompt one.

6. Multiple-use 

Not just burning the woods, your fire pit also has the facilities of BBQing and roasting foods like hot dogs, sausage, marshmallows, etc. try not to choose any with harmful paint or chemical coating with it. 

7. Budget

The product’s price depends on the size, materials, quality, and type of the manufacturer. The price range has huge versatility, starting from only 49$. Make sure you get your fire at the best price and get the best deal. Pay for the product that gets the best value for your money. 

Frequently Asked Question 

What fire pit gives off the most heat?

Undoubtedly the wood-burning fire pits. Cause wood burns most high, and wood can produce huge flames than other burners like gas, electricity, etc. With a larger flame, the heat gets high and warmer. 

Can you leave a fire pit burning? 

Never. Never leave your burning fire unattended. Fire tends to be dangerous if you misuse it or be careless, even for a while. Please take safety measures ready and in safe reach to avoid any unwanted situation.

Can I burn ‘any’ wood in a fire pit?

Preferably No. Not every woods are for burning. Some may produce fatal toxins while burning. Poisonous ivy, poisonous oak, Pine, and processed woods are not eligible and safe for burning.

Want to know more about what you shouldn’t burn in a fire pit? This article may have some helpful information.  

What do you put in the bottom of a wood-burning fire pit?

You can use a log grate, lava rocks, or sand in the bottom of a wood-burning fire pit. That will create extra space for burning.

Do fire pits keep you warm? 

Fire is characterized to give you warmth. So the fire pit is. It depends on the fuel or the efficiency of conduction of heat how much warmth you will get from your fire pit. 


We have tried to gather various things you should know before buying a wood fire pit. I hope this writing may help you to know better. If you have any important points regarding this topic, please share them with us through the comment option below. Stay happy!

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