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10 Best Fire Pits for Wooden Decks in 2021 With Buying Guide

by Fireplace Fact

Wood is a fire fuel, so fire pits for wooden decks have to be different from others. These have made specially to fit in place on your wooden deck. They have firmly built and heatproof that won’t harm your deck. These fire pits have designed to use safe and clean fuels so you can have good warmth without any chars, coal, or smoke.

If you have a wooden deck on your patio or in the yard, and you are in a dilemma of which fire pit to have or should you change your deck? Choosing a fire pit that is eligible for a wooden deck can help your indecision. It will let you privilege a fire pit without causing harm to your deck. 

Firepit for wooden decks made of solid material like iron, cast iron, or steel that are eligible for use in any ground without harming that. These decks have supported with a sturdy frame body coated with rust-proof and heat-resistant paint. These fire pits fire fuels are clean fuels like LPG that will burn efficiently without fumes, soot, and chars. If the energy is wood, then spark screens, easy ventilation is present for a safe and secure experience.

Finally, you would be happy to discover that you can use a fire pit on your very wooden deck without tension. Now the task is which one to choose from the thousands of options around you. 

So we have come to rescue you with 10 best-reviewed fire pits for wooden decks. Check out their features, pros & cons, and pick the best fit for you. In case you are thinking of knowing more about fire pits for wooden decks before purchasing one, you can have a look below on the buying guide section with all the answers to your question regarding fire pits for wooden decks.

Review for Best Fire Pits for Wooden Deck

1. TACKLIFE Propane Fire Pit 

TACKLIFE Propane Fire Pit review

This TACKlife fire pit is a sturdy option that will last to serve you for years. Its perfect size will go with any interior. Also, it is eligible for use in wooden decks, so you don’t have to think hard for safety. You can enjoy its multifunctioning feature to extend your patio or outdoor life.

Are you finding a fire pit that will be a powerfully built fire pit for a wooden deck? Which will be good enough in size and shape, and that can also let you have broad uses, then this fire pit is for you.

The fire pit table is solid steel made, coated with a quality anti-rusting spray that makes the fire pit table sturdy. That won’t crack or cross. It is 25 inches in height. Space in between the burner restrains the bottom from getting warm. The steel paneled and solid designed 28-inch perfect square shape makes it more functional with the lid on top. 


  • The sturdy structure of this metal fire pit will give you the best service for a long time.
  • Do not flow heat on the bottom so that you can use it safely on a wooden deck.
  • Autoignition system will give you a more safe and user-friendly experience.
  • You can use this multi-functioning fire pit as a coffee table, casual bar, or even for dining.
  • You will get a square lid, a 20-inch gas hose, lava rocks, and a 24-month warranty.


  • Great heat output of 50000BTU.
  • ETL certified
  • Smart looks
  • Functioning table top design
  • Fume and ash-free


  • Easy but takes a long time to assemble.

Final Verdict 

Tacklife is fit for use on wooden decks, so you don’t have to worry about your patio deck or safety. Other than that, the heat output, sturdy design, and functioning features of this fire pit make this worth buying. 

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2. BALI OUTDOORS Gas Fire Pit Table

BALI OUTDOORS Gas Fire Pit Table review

This Bali gas fire pit’s extensive heat output will warm up your chilly summer evening or wintertime. You will find this one convenient for moving and transport. It is quickly assembling, and you can have this fire pit on your wooden deck without any tension.  

If you are searching for a lightweight fire pit for the wood deck that will give you the most heat output with a convenient user experience, then this one’s for you. 

This fire pit has a 50000BTU heat output that will render good warmth around it. It weighs only 43lbs. You can move it quickly to fit perfectly on your patio. Also, it will be easy to transport. This metal-made 25-inch high and 28-inch square table will not flow heat on the bottom, so you can safely place it on your wooden deck.  


  • 50000BTU heat output will impress your guest with its fantastic warmth.
  • This 43lbs fire pit will allow you incredible portability. 
  • Autoignition system to give you safety and convenience.
  • You can use this as a substitute for the tea-table on your patio.
  • For assembly, all you have to do is to put and set all the screws in place.


  • Impressive heat output
  • Value for money
  • Spacious
  • Portable
  • Easy to use


  • Inadequate option for low-level heat
  • Prone to rusting

Final Verdict 

This fire pit is a good one with the excellent heat output and a convenient design. You can use it on your wooden deck full confidently. So it is recommended if you want to have a nifty fire pit within a minimal budget.

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3. U-MAX Propane Gas Fire Pit Table

U-MAX Propane Gas Fire Pit Table review

The U-MAX fire pit table has stunning looks that will draw your guest’s attention for sure. You will be amazed by its massive size, which will match any interior and deck like concrete or wood. Like the look, this fire pit is highly durable to serve you for many couples of years.

Suppose you want to have a big fire pit with super looks and sustainability that will be eligible for use in a wooden deck, then this one is the best. 

This aluminum-built fire pit has 0.3-inch reflective glass on its top. This design attribute is very eye captivating. The fire pit table is 52 inches long and 32 inches wide with 24 inches of height. This big fire pit table can be used for dining, snack bar, tea and coffee table, etc. It will not flow the heat on the bottom, and the bottom does not touch the ground surface to harm your deck. 


  • This one is solidly built with 0.3-inch glass on top, an exclusive designer look that will enhance your patio’s outlook. 
  • The burner, made of stainless steel, will give you a durable experience. 
  • A well-performing ignition device allows you complete control of adjustment. 
  • Though gas fire pits burn clean and safe, this one has a glass wind guard for more safety.
  • You will get 11lbs ocean blue glass stone and a waterproof cover, including other equipment with it.


  • Great looks
  • Multifunctioning
  • Wind guard safety
  • Premium accessories
  • Easy to use


  • Poor packaging
  • Battery required for ignition

Final Verdict

U-MAX gas fire pit’s great looks with a solid structure will become the center of attraction in your patio. If you want a premium experience with safe and long service, then this one can be top of your hit list.

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4.  BALI OUTDOORS Chimenea Fire Pit

BALI OUTDOORS Chimenea Fire Pit review

Bali Chimenea is a classically designed fire pit that will create a traditional ambiance on your patio. It’s even heat distribution will send warmth all around your patio. Also, this fire pit is sturdy enough to serve you for years. This one is suitable for your wooden deck. 

Do you like chiminea fire pits and want to have one for your own? Also, you want a sturdy one that will be durable. Then this one’s for you. 

This BALI OUTDOORS fire pit’s total length is 45 inches with a burning cage of 22 inches in diameter and 20 inches in height. This space is enough for burning 16 inches long, and a 360-degree angle will flow warmth evenly. The dimensional specification gives this a perfect classic chimenea structure. It is a cast iron-made fire pit that ensures its sturdiness and durability. Three long leg-stand on the bottom depresses the heat flow and lets you use it on a wooden deck.


  • Its traditional chimenea style will enhance your patio’s elegance.
  • This is built of sturdy cast iron that will serve you for years.
  • Burning cage with a 360-degree dimension that will give you a safe view.
  • It rarely heats on the bottom, so that you can use it on a wooden deck. 


  • Even heat conduction
  • Safe burning cage
  • Good looking
  • Smoke funnel design
  • Can cook marshmallows


  • Slighter warmer for large gatherings 
  • Prone to rust

Final verdict

The wood fire and classic style will make you fall for it. Also, the sturdiness and durability of this fire pit will value your money. For your wooden deck, this exceptional one will be the best choice.

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5. LEGACY HEATING Fire Pit Table

LEGACY HEATING Fire Pit Table review

LEGACY has an extraordinary sleek design that will go with your patio or outdoor pretty perfectly. This fire pit has built concerning your safety with high performance. Also, this one is compatible with use on your wooden deck. 

If you want a fire pit that will not cause harm to your wooden deck. Which will come with safety features and a unique design, then this one with the best heat output and the best price is for you.

This fire pit is a 28-inch square table that is 24-inch high. This iron construction has coated with a high-quality powder coating on top. The whole structural property makes it look sleek and stylish. Also, this fire pit’s safe spark Piezo ignition system will secure your user experience. Yet, it does not circulate heat on its bottom so that you can have this fire pit for your wooden deck.


  • The 28 inches square table with 24 inches height makes this fire pit look very fashionable on your patio.
  • You will get a very sturdy finish of powder-coated iron material with the fire pit.
  • The push button spark ignition is safe, and you can control the flame easily.
  • Also, you can use this as a bistro table when it is not inflamed.
  • With other installation accessories, you will get 4lbs lava that can be replaceable by fire glass.



  • Lid doesn’t match properly 

Final verdict

The innovative and stylish design of this fire is convincing. Also, this one will be fit for your wooden deck. Finally, the sturdy and durable material and smooth finish make this more deserving to get into your choice list. 

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6. Best Choice Products Fire Pit Table

Best Choice Products Fire Pit Table review

The Best choice fire pit table will amaze you with its excellent heat output. It has made out of unique material that makes this fire pit match with your patio interior. This one is also a convenient fire pit for you that will go with your wooden deck.

If you are searching for a fire pit that will fit your wooden deck and go with your wicker furniture or patio, then this one with excellent heat efficiency from Best Choice is for you.

This fire pit is a well-efficient one with a 50000BTU heat output. Its burner area has made out of the best quality stainless steel. The rest body has made of synthetic wicker that is heat resistant. The exclusive wicker design will perfectly match if you have wicker furniture on your patio. This material can not conduct heat, so it’s entirely okay for use in a wooden deck. 


  • 50000BTU heat output will warm up your party or cozy night very amazingly. 
  • PVC wicker material that is durable and easy-going with your patio interior.
  • You will find the gas tank holder very convenient to use.
  • When not in use, this fire pit table will extend your patio life as a table substitute. 
  • You will get ample amounts (3x) rocks with the packaging.


  • Great heat 
  • Long-lasting
  • Unique design 
  • Large tablespace
  • Convenient to use


  • Propane tank shown up through the wicker wall

Final verdict

If you are fond of artificial wicker products, then this wicker fire pit from Best choice products is an excellent option for you. It is durable, easy to use, and well heat efficient. And it comes on a convenient budget.

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7. BALI OUTDOORS Propane Fire Column

BALI OUTDOORS Propane Fire Column review

The aesthetic design and unique view of the BALI Fire Column will enhance your patio ambiance. This fire pit is handy that you can port or move quickly. You will find this fire pit very easy to use. Also, this one is approved to put on your wooden deck. 

If you are finding a fire pit for your wooden deck that looks unique and which will have efficient heat output to keep your family and loved one warm, then this one with great portability can be the best pick for you.

This Bali Fire Pit is a column-shaped uncommon fire pit that is 26.5 inches in height and 23 in diameter. Inflamed, it will give you a 360-degree dazzling view with cozy warmness. This one weighs only 43lbs that is very lightweight for regular move and portability. It is effortless to use and requires almost no assembly. The design and build material are also eligible for a wooden deck. 


  • The fire pit has an excellent heat output of a 50000BTU that will create enough heat for you and your family. 
  • You will enjoy an incredible 360 degree visual of dazzling flame with reflective blue fire glass.
  • It is 43lbs in weight, so you can move and use this easily.
  • The thermocouple on this one assures you a more safe and secure experience. 


  • Great heat
  • Visual enjoyment
  • Safe and secure
  • Long term warranty
  • Autoignition


  • Low performance for larger areas.

Final verdict

This fire is very simply designed that looks and works very amazingly. It will give you excellent heat output with visual pleasure and a secure user experience. Also, this fire pit’s portability makes this more likely to fit on your list and value your money.

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8. Outsunny Square Patio Fire Pit

Outsunny Square Patio Fire Pit review

The Outsunny Square Firepit will impress you with its modern and sharp look. This one is very heat efficient. It is easy to assemble and lightweight to move or transport without any hard work. Yet this one is a wood-burning fire pit that is suitable for use in your wooden deck patio.

If you are fond of wood flame and heat, but your patio has wood on the bottom, so you are searching for a wood-burning fire pit that won’t harm your wooden deck, then this Outsunny Square is the right one for you. 

This Outsunny Fire Pit is a 32 inches square fire pit that will give you a 360-degree view with well-distributed heat. You can quickly assemble it by joining all the parts together. This one is only 27lbs that you can port swiftly. Yet four 12 inch high stands to restrain heat from reaching in the bottom. So you use this in a wooden deck. 


  • 32 inches square fire pit table will give you contemporary looks. 
  • The sturdy metal construction assures you durability.
  • Its 22-inch fire basin has a 4.75-inch depth for allowing you much space to burn wood.
  • With the 360-degree view tabletop, you can enjoy coffee and snacks with friends.
  • You will get a poker, a wood grate, a spark screen, and a cover with it.


  • All season enjoyment.
  • Cold reserver in summer.
  • Modern looks
  • Woodfire
  • Lightweight 


  • Need to light up manually. 

Final verdict 

If you are searching for a multi-functioning fire pit that will extend your patio life and let you enjoy the wood fire without harming your wooden deck. So the square-shaped, sturdy Outsunny fire pit can be best for you.

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9. Outland Firebowl Outdoor Fire Pit

Outland Firebowl Outdoor Fire Pit review

The Outland Firebowl will give you excellent heat output with a safe experience. It can replace the traditional campfire hurdles for you. It is portable so that you can take your fire pit to the beach, RV camping while traveling, and so on. Also, it is entirely safe to stand on your wooden deck.

Are you searching for an efficient fire pit for your wooden deck? Also, that can you port anywhere to enjoy the warmth during traveling, exploring, and camping? If yes, then this fire bowl from Outland is the right one for you.

This fire pit has an extreme heat output of 58000BTU. While burning, it won’t produce smoke or ash, and you will get a clean and safe fire. Its 18.5 inches dimensional compact size with 10.5 inches height gives you alternate campfires. This fire pit weighs only 23lbs. With the carry kit including this, you can easily port it to anywhere you want. It does not circulate heat on the bottom, so you need not worry about putting it onto a wooden deck.


  • You can have a clean campfire experience as it doesn’t make smoke.
  • 58000BTU heat output will warm up any of your gatherings.
  • High-quality steel with an enamel coating on top gives you durability.
  • You can port it anywhere as it is very lightweight, only 23lbs.
  • You will get 4.4lbs lava rock, a cover, and a carry kit with this fire pit along with essential parts.


  • Massive heat output
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Handy
  • Complete package


  • Small space to use as tabletop

Final verdict

Nothing can be more impressive than having your fire pit in the middle of the jungle, at the beachside party, or even on camp trips. Also, you can have it on your wooden deck and enjoy the excellent warmth. Worth buying.

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10. OKVAC 28” Propane Gas Fire Pit Table

OKVAC 28'' Propane Gas Fire Pit Table review

The OKVAC is an efficient heat well-built fire pit that will give quality service and satisfaction. This fire pit is large and easy to assemble that you will find very convenient and quick to use. Yet this one is eligible to be used in a wooden deck.

If you are thinking of having a fire pit for your wooden deck that will give excellent heat output. With good durability that will let you use that as a larger tabletop with a simple assembly procedure, this OKVAC fire pit is for you.

This fire pit has a 50000BTU heat output that is well enough to warm up your patio surroundings. It is a 28.5 inches square large table with 25 inches in height. To assemble this fire pit, follow the given instruction in the manuals. You will need no extra tools for that. This one is eligible for a wooden deck as it does not heat the bottom.


  • Its heat output is 50000 BTU that will give you warmth and a cozy ambiance.
  • You will get a safe stainless steel ignition system and durable, sturdy metal construction,
  • No heavy tools are required. You can assemble it in no time.
  • When not in use, you can have this large fire pit as a snacks table or minibar.
  • You will get a square cover, 4.18lbs Lava Stone, 600D waterproof cover with it.


  • Warm
  • Large tabletop
  • Solid looks
  • Autoignition
  • Convenient


  • Ignitor battery is not included

Final verdict

If you want a sturdy, durable, and large-size fire pit for your wooden deck, then this OKVAC 28” will be the best one that will serve you the best. It is convenient to use and will be worth your money.

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Things to consider before buying a fire pit for a wooden deck

Buying a new thing that adds value to your daily life is the best feeling to have. But there are always a few things to think about before buying anything. Here we have projected all things you should be considerate about before buying a fire pit for your wooden deck.


For your wooden deck, fire pits made of steel, cast irons, heat proof PVC material are best. These materials are durable, non-flammable, and safe. These fire pits should have sturdy stands or legs supported construction. 

Fuel type 

A fuel that does not produce any fume or chars or a little is best for a wooden deck’s fire pit. LPG can be the best example of that. It is a heat-efficient fuel that produces no smoke, no chars, or soot and is comparatively sparkless. Gel fuel, gasoline, and wood in strong supervision are also safe for use on a wooden deck.


Do not set your fire pit too close to your house or anything that easily catches fire. Make sure no flammable things should not exist at 10 feet around your fire pit. Choose the place of the patio where your fire pit will not be in the exposure of wind. 

Size and shape 

It is very important to consider the size and shape of the fire pit before purchasing. Your fire should be similar in shape to patio furniture. Otherwise, it will not look good with your interior. Also, the size should not be too large or small for your patio. It can interrupt the best experience. 


Always try to put your fires on in nice and calm weather. Windy weather is not appropriate for putting on fire if you have your fire pit on a special deck like a wooden one. It increases the risk of spreading fire. 

Mesh screen

Putting on a spark screen on your fire pit is important and safe. And if you are using a wood-burning fire pit on the deck, the spark screen is inevitable. It will prevent the debris and char from falling apart on the deck and reduce any fire’s possible risk. It will also protect your deck.


Although you are conscious and aware while your fire pit is inflamed, you have to take emergency measures to combat any unexpected incident. As fire is too unpredictable, it can tend to be dangerous at any time. So precaution of extinguishing it is a must. Place a fire extinguisher or a bucket of sand or ash close to your fire pit for safety.


However, budget comes in last, but it has the most significant impact on purchasing anything. So always analyze your budget and choose the best one that is worth your every penny. 

Frequently asked question 

Can you put a fire pit on a wooden deck?

If the manufacturer has confirmed the eligibility for putting it into a wooden deck, it is okay to have the fire pit on your wooden deck. So check the approval of the company and reviews of the user for the best selection.

What kind of fire pits are suitable to put on a wood deck?

Not every fire pit is suitable for a wooden deck. So you have to choose wisely. Fire pits made for sturdy steel, irons, and any other heatproof, durable, non-flammable materials and have firm stands that put them high from the ground are suitable for a wooden deck.

Can you put a propane fire table on a wood deck?

Propane is the safest fuel to use in a fire pit for a wooden deck. Propane is non-fume. It is soot-free and has no sparks like other fire fuels. So you can rely on propane for your wooden deck fire pits.

What to put under the fire pit? 

Using a fire protective mat under your fire pit can assure you more safety. Whether the ground is a wooden deck or grass, or any combustible material, a fireproof protective layer over it will secure your deck.

How far away does a fire pit need to be from a deck?

At least 10 feet from your house or anything that tends to be combustible should be maintained when inflaming your fire pit on your wooden deck. 


We hope that you have found which fire pit to grab for your wooden deck. So dear! Don’t resist your craving; bring a fire pit home to enhance the beauty of your patio and preserve the decency of your unique deck. Let us know how considerate you find our article. If you have anything to share about the fire pit for a wooden deck, leave a comment below. Happy firing!

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