7 Best Smokeless Fire Pits in 2022

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Last updated Apr 25, 2022
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best smokeless fire pits

Smoke is an inseparable part of the wood fire. Despite that, we are using wood-burning fire pits as the primary household heat supplies. The wood fire is tempting! The alluring flame and the mesmerizing sound of crackling have no match. But at the same point, the wood smoke is annoying, discomforting, and even has a significant health hazard. 

As a solution, the modern inventor has come up with a better version of a fire pit with an exclusive wood-burning process which is “The Smokeless Firepit.” Though it’s near impossible to get 100% smokeless fire from wood, smokeless technology has brought the smoke level up to 2%. 

In the smokeless fire pit, wood burns most efficiently, and the smoke goes for double combustion that increases heat output while reducing the percentage of smoke. Know the process of how smokeless fire pits work. Moreover, for the smokeless fire and great heat, campers, travelers, and rational users can easily have a smokeless fire pit without any open fire ban and local regulations.

For these definite reasons, users are after smokeless fire pits. Against the popularity, manufacturers are up to bringing thousands of smokeless fire pits in the marketplace. So it’s getting difficult for users to choose one with the best quality and performance. 

That’s why we are here for you. We got the 7 best smokeless fire pits of all time with the most efficient key factors present and the highest positive reviews from real-time customers. Each smokeless fire pit will be described through its quick overview, mechanism, performance variables and pros-cons.  We have arranged the buying guide for a smokeless fire pit with a FAQ section. 

Let’s start to know what we have got for you. 

7 Best Smokeless Fire Pits

1. Breeo X Series Smokeless Fire Pit 

Breeo X Series Smokeless Fire Pit Review

Quick Overview 

The overall dimension of this Breeo X series fire pit is 22-inch with the sear plate on top. Except for the sear plate, it’s a 19-inch round fire pit with a 14.75-inch height. We are reviewing one of corten steel that will weather with time.

Whoever likes patina and raw metal aesthetics can have this. However, it also has a stainless steel edition for SS lovers. Each edition is manufactured in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Compared to the size, the fire pit is a bit heavier (47lbs) than the same range fire pit. So it will feel hefty for moving single-handedly. Here, the relief is to place the fire pit on an even surface, and you are all set to start a fire. That means you don’t have to move it often. 

How It Works 

The Bree X series has the most exclusive smokeless system, which is efficient up to 98%. But to reach this level, firewood has to go through double combustion. At the bottom of the fire pit is the Breeo patented ‘X’ shape airflow panel that pulls off fresh air to the fire pit chamber.

This air supplies fresh oxygen to firewood for proper combustion. Primarily smoke happens, but it flows through the top holes for 2nd combustion. Here, the smokeless fire starts to build up. After some time, the smoke almost vanishes. And the heat output is also raised by double.

Variable of Performance 

In addition to the aesthetic appearance, this corten steel option has excellent self durability features, which will come out like a rusted look. But it is like a protective coat of paint. Under it, the fire pit will be as new for years. And yes, it’s more durable than the stainless steel option. 

Besides the durable and fine smokeless performance, this fire pit has a separate fan base for cooking. It has a 3-inch wide sear plate around the top.

You can fit a grill grate, mesh grate, or put the roasting sticks crossing over the edge, or it’s okay to direct cooking over it. That makes cooking food convenient. However, the larger (30-inch) edition of the Breeo X series is more popular for cooking. 

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The heat output of the Breeo products is always satisfactory, and so is the X series. However, always use finely seasoned hardwood like ash or white pine for an unchanged and uninterrupted heat supply.

Things You Are Going to Enjoy 

  • Efficient design with a large room for woods.
  • Nearly 100% smokeless performance. 
  • Easy to adjust any Breeo’s outpost grill and others. Great fire pit feature for outdoor cooking. 
  • Among many exclusive features, it has no less in heat output. 
  • Approved for use in a burn ban. Perfect smokeless fire pit to add warmth and cooking facility anywhere, anytime.

Things You Need to Consider 

  • The fire pit gets extremely hot underneath. So please don’t put it bare over grass or any flammable decks like the woods one.
  • The sear plate for cooking is somewhat curvy towards the inner area. So cooking over this fire pit needs to be practiced. So don’t lose hope if you spill some of your food for the first few times.

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2. TIKI Brand Low Smoke Fire Pit

TIKI Brand Low Smoke Fire Pit Review

Quick Overview 

You will find everything in this TIKI brand with a patented airflow system, sturdy construction, or convenient accessories. The dimension of this fire pit is 25-inch and 16-inch deep. You will feel this 45lbs fire pit a little heavy to move single-handedly. However, it looks sleek, polished, and attractive at first impression.

This Tiki brand low smoke fire pit is a free-standing structure supported with a hairpin leg stand. For assembling, turn the fire pit upside down. There are three holes associated with the stand. Screw them together, and your fire pit is securely assembled and ready to rock!

How It Works 

Though all smokeless fire pits follow the double combustion process, every patented design has its unique airflow system. On Tiki low smoke fire pit, the outer layer has vertical cutouts for air entrance.

When you ignite woods in the inner chamber, air circulates through the bottom holes and supplies plenty of oxygen for proper burn. During this time, the upper holes pull off smoke, which therefore gets hot and makes the overall heat output double.

Variable of Performance 

The fire pit has a cone that helps to keep the wood lifted and organized inside the fire chamber. This accessory is helpful for heat radiation as the woods will burn around the sides rather than merely heating the area straight above the fire pit. So you can feel good warmth at a variable distance up to 4 feet radius around the fire pit as advertised. 

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Tiki brand low smoke fire pit is a dream smokeless fire pit for nifty users. Let me tell you why it has an amazing ash pan! If you have ever used a wood-burning fire pit, you know how frustrating it is to handle ash from a fire pit.

With this removable ash pan of this Tiki brand fire pit, you don’t have to wait for the fire pit to cool down. Because the wood handle of the ash pan never gets hot. So cleaning will be easy and mess-free. 

Moreover, you can tap off the ash pan and quickly ignite a new fire, which is not possible on other smokeless fire pits that don’t have a dedicated ash pan. 

Things You Are Going to Enjoy 

  • Black powder-coated finish over stainless steel makes the fire pit double durable. 
  • The quick set-up process is fun!
  • All of the accessories are helpful for an organized, low smoke, and mess-free burn. 
  • A self-branded wood starter pack comes as a bonus. Which is mainly sawdust/wood chips, burns impressively fine and bright. One bag is a pretty good amount to last around 28 to 30 minutes. In case you are interested in trying the wood chips, check them out here
  • The weather protection bag with this smokeless fire pit is not like the regular cheap one. It’s polyvinyl material, stiffly stitched, and quality cover. 

Things You Need to Consider 

  • Tiki low smoke fire pit is a bit more expensive than other smokeless fire pits. 
  • The treble legs of the base stand for this fire pit make it ineligible for use in a wooden deck. You have to place an even panel made of concrete under it before putting it in a customized deck.

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3. Solo Stove Bonfire

Solo Stove Bonfire Review

Quick Overview

The Solo Stove Bonfire smokeless fire pit is a 19-inch round fire pit. It’s complete stainless steel construction and weighs (20lbs) around half than other fire pits of this review series. Whoever wants a smokeless fire pit with a lightweight, sleek, and no-hassle assembling design have to check out this Solo Stove Bonfire.

Most travelers and campers like this fire pit for its lightweight(20lbs) that you can move single-handedly. It’s a single-parted fire pit. No hardware, no set-up is required to get it ready to ignite. Lookup for an even surface and place it. 

How It Works

Now, if you talk about how much smoke-free the Solo Stove Bonfire is, we would say it’s pretty good at providing smokeless fire. However, it’s quite impossible to get 100% smokeless performance while using wood as fire fuel. But with the well-executed double combustion method in this Solo Stove, you can reach a 70% to 80% smoke-free performance. 

Here is how,

The design complies with the two-compartment. Each has multiple holes at regular intervals. And the fuel box (inner container) has meshed bottom. These holes regulate the outer air that helps the burn, and the holes on the top pull the smoke and send it again for the double burn. By this process, the fire pit produces the maximum heat possible with the least amount of smoke. 

Variable of Performance 

Depending on the size (19-inch) of this Solo Stove Bonfire model, the heat output is perfect for Summer, Fall, and late Spring. You will face a drop in efficiency on extremely cold days because of the one-time capacity of fuel usages. Also, for gatherings of more than 6 people.

Here is the bigger edition Solo stove Yukon (27-inch, 2020 edition) for more fuel capacity and heat output. In the other scenario, Solo Stove Ranger (17-inch) is for sudden uses and moderate heat as it can occupy a limited amount of fuel at a time.

Here you have to keep a few things in mind, always use dry wood from the same source at a time or pellet for combustion. This practice will help you to avoid misfiring or a dropping in output. And never stack your wood blocking the upper holes. It will retard the airflow and ending up in incomplete combustion and smoke!  

Things You Are Going to Enjoy

  • Up to 80% efficiency in terms of providing smokeless fire. Perfect for campers who don’t want to reveal themselves to others. 
  • The Solo Stove Bonfire is enduring from the burn ban, so you don’t have to miss open fire at all.
  • As well as smoke doesn’t emit any toxic gas from the material. So, creates a convenient and safe ambiance in both indoor and outdoor areas.
  • This Solo Stove Bonfire comes with a waterproof carry bag to make the portation smooth like butter! 

Things You Need to Consider

  • No doubt Solo Stove Bonfire produces great heat, but the heat produced used to go up straight above. And the side wall barely radiates any heat despite being too hot. However, a heat deflector can greatly help with that. Here is a heat deflector recommendation for your convenience.
  • There is no ash pan or openable compartment like the TIKI Brand. You have to wait until the fire completely cooled down and then upside it down and roll to get off the ashes. Consider putting a wide cloth under the fire pit while rolling out. It will help to collect ash fast and with the least mess. Also, you can use an ash vacuum.

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4. Blue Sky Outdoor Living Pellet Smokeless Fire Pit

Blue Sky Outdoor Living Pellet Smokeless Fire Pit Review

Quick Overview 

This 24-inch pellet smokeless fire pit from Blue Sky Outdoor Living comes in a modern geometric layout design, which looks more than perfect on the black paint-coated alloy steel structure. The whole structure contains two parts: a firebox and an ash stand. Overall, it’s a sturdy build fire pit with the simplest yet contemporary design. 

There are cut-outs on the ash stand and tiny extensions on the fire pit for an instant fix. All you have to do is place it, twist, and lock it to put the two parts together. 

How It Works 

To understand the in-depth discussion on how the fire pit performs, you have to know its design details. This Blue Sky pellet fire pit has the typical double-wall structure for smokeless and efficient combustion.

Its combustion chamber’s bottom is like a mesh screen (similar to the Solo Stove Bonfire), and its topper part has symmetric smoke holes. When you set it with the ash stand, the gaps in between create passages for subtle airflow. The air helps in radical burn and pulls off all the smoke for the second combustion.

Variable of Performance 

Despite the design similarity with Solo Stove, this 24-inch Blue Sky performs slightly better than the Bonfire. The reason is its opening dimension which is big enough for holding a better portion of the fuel. Another way is handy enough to carry or move compared to the Solo Stove Yukon. 

This Blue Sky Outdoor Living fire pit is specially designed for wood pellets. You will get the utmost smokeless performance and heat efficiency with pellets. However, wood logs are also compatible, but you have to keep a few things in mind here. First, use only well-dried, fatwood logs.

Secondly, don’t put logs more than 14-inch. Otherwise, it will send the smoke out of the combustion holes, making lots of smoke. 

Whatever the wood fuel is, this fire pit provides impressive heat output. You can feel the warmth well enough to high from different distances. At 3 feet radius, the felt the most comforting.

Things You Are Going to Enjoy 

  • The black powder paint finishes and defined cut-out makes the fire pit look great in any backyard. 
  • The flame rises real-high, like a natural bonfire. So while an open fire ban, you can enjoy the vibe of a bonfire without any hassle. 
  • Comes with a dedicated ash pan cum stand. It helps to clean your fire pit quickly and with minimal effort. 
  • While gathering with a large group on a chilly evening or night out, you will enjoy the smoke-free hefty heat output for sure. 
  • A carry-bag included for easy carry while traveling or storing in the offseason.

Things You Need to Consider 

  • If you want to keep your fire pit lit over a longer period, add up fuel when a good amount of flame is present already. Adding fuel (pellets or logs) in a dimming condition can produce lots of smoke! So keep it in mind. 
  • The bottom of the fire pit got hot, so we wouldn’t recommend using the fire pit bare on a combustible deck. A fire mat or piece of concrete paver can help with it.

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5. Cast Master Bon 2000

Cast Master Bon 2000 Review

Quick Overview 

The Cast Master Bon 2000 looks quite similar to Solo Stove Bonfire. Beyond smokeless heat output, this 19-inch fire pit has some more to offer you. And it’s the facility of cooking over it. This SS-made, sturdy and compact fire pit comes with a custom grill grate, a mesh grate, and a carry bag. 

It’s a single-unit fire pit. You’ve to do nothing at all to assemble it. Only place the mesh grate inside while you’re preparing for a BBQ or grilling with charcoal. That’s to keep the coals gathered and lifted to get the utmost temperature for cooking. 

How It Works

Though the outlook of Cast Master’s smokeless fire pit is like a Solo Stove bonfire, the smokeless system is unique. You will look at the differences on the bottom of this fire pit.

There are circular cut-outs for sufficient airflow. And then, other smokeless double combustion designs are executed on this fire pit accordingly. So overall this fire pit is efficient as others of this smokeless fire pit series. 

Variable of Performance 

If you talk about the categorized performance of the Cast Master Bon 2000, you have to mention its amazing cooking feature. Besides homely cook-outs, this one impressively stands out for outdoor cooking needs while you’re camping. 

And the heat outcome with the lowest smoke possible is undoubtedly the key feature of Bon 2000. Therefore using different quality firewood may affect the performance.

Never use green wood or long logs on it. Also, a good fire starter is required for overall smokeless performance on this fire pit. Improper ignition will cause smoke at the first phase that will be difficult to handle. 

Moreover, this fire pit performs better in windy conditions. You will barely feel any performance drop for the mesh grate or grill grate. 

Things You Are Going to Enjoy 

  • With the dedicated grill grate and coal grate, you will enjoy grilling and toasting delicious foods while enjoying the finest smoke-free warmth. 
  • Perfect heat source plus cooking companion for camping days and outdoor picnic’s. 
  • Comes with a quality carry bag that fits well. Also, make transport and storing easy. 
  • Shiny stainless steel finish provides durability against rough usage along with a classic smokeless fire pit appearance.

Things You Need to Consider 

  • Single edition, nothing for custom needs available like the larger or smaller edition. 
  • You have to remove the grate every time in Cast Master for refilling fuel. It will be more convenient if the grill grate is attached like the Karpevta Smokeless Fire Pit with Adjustable Grill. You would have swiftly slid the mesh grate rather than repetitive removal.

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6. Innostage Outdoor Smokeless Fire Pit

Innostage Outdoor Smokeless Fire Pit Review

Quick Overview

If you are looking for a compact and portable fire pit for your camping days, here is the best recommendation for you, the Innostage outdoor wood pellet smokeless fire pit. Its overall dimension is 15-inch with a 12.5-inch height. This one is made of iron and coated with anti-rust black paint.

There is another stainless steel polished version of this fire pit available. This smokeless fire pit comes in two parts: a stand and a fire cage. For assembling, you have to fit the fire cage over the stand, that’s all. 

How It Works 

Like any other smokeless fire pit, this Innostage performs outstandingly when it comes to providing smoke-free, clean fire. Besides meshed bottom, this fire pit has systematic holes in both parts of (stands and firebox). Also, the brand name “INNOSTAGE” cut-outs on the lower stand work as air circulators. This fire pit is specialized for wood pellet use. For getting the best outcome, using pellets is recommended. 

Variable of Performance 

Generally, Innostage performs well efficiently, but there are multiple things that significantly impact the performance of this fire pit. Firstly, the fire fuel.

This fire pit is functionally compatible with pellets only. Its structural depth (7-inch) is not suitable for firewood logs. Using logs will cause incomplete combustion and lots of smoke. 

Secondly, Innostage smokeless doesn’t have any bigger version. Its portability and limited size make it a vital choice for camping, RV trips, and a small space of 3 to 4 people. So you will face a definite performance drop when there are more people around.

In case you want a bigger version for the home yard for burning woods, and like the hexagonal shape of this fire pit, then you can try the Dragonfire Smokeless Outdoor Bonfire Fire Pit. This fire pit comes with a 15-inch deep fire cage, deflector, and mesh screen. Perfect for backyards, patios, and larger gatherings of people. However, it will cost some extra bucks for sure.

Things You Are Going to Enjoy 

  • Portable and lightweight (16lbs) to take along in travel, outdoor trips, beachside parties.
  • This fire pit features side handles so that you can move it more conveniently. 
  • Comes with a stand cum ash pan for mess-free ash collecting and easy cleaning. 
  • You will get a high-quality, waterproof carry bag. Which fits well, looks well, and provides good grip while porting. 

Things You Need to Consider 

  • Performs well only for small spaces. 
  • Every time you refill the pellet, it produces temporary but smokes until proper flame builds up.

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7. Esright Stove Bonfire Firepit

Esright Stove Bonfire Firepit Review

Quick Overview

The 28.5-inch Esright Stove Bonfire Firepit is this review series’s biggest smokeless fire pit, even bigger than the Solo Stove Yukon (27-inch, 2020 edition). However, like a smokeless fire pit, this much larger dimension is rare. Additionally, this fire pit is approximately 13-inch in height. Its sturdy stainless steel structure looks glazing, smooth, and of high quality. 

You have to attach the sidewall and the four stand straps with the fire cage. Assembling this fire pit is easy, but it may seem to be tricky to someone. Upside down the fire pit and place the sidewall on it.

Now take the straps, match points, and tighten up. The best way is to attach any two sidebars first. It will hold the structure firm and won’t displace it. All the tools like the screws and bolts come with the fire pit. 

How It Works 

The fire pit is uniquely built, and it’s burning body is parted into two sections. There are enter holes at the bottom of the fire pit that insulates proper air circulation for the fire. When air enters, woods start to burn, and smoke happens.

Then smoke sends back in the upper hole that gets heated by the hot wall of the fire cage. It goes again through the bottom vent, and the second combustion circle occurs. This process gives users the closest smokeless experience possible with Esright stove smokeless bonfire fire pit.  

Variable of Performance 

To get the best output from this fire pit, you have to use quality woods that are entirely dried, hard in composition, like oak, beech, cherry, etc. You can use pellets for better performance. 

Additionally, this version of Esright smokeless fire pit has a unique top that allows you to use fire glass on it. This fire pit radiates some extra heat compared to other usual fire pits for this feature. 

The size of this fire pit will feel heavy (56lbs) for sure. However, if you feel it’s an issue, here is the Vevor Stove Bonfire: 48.5lbs, 27-inch. It is as designed and closely featured as the Esright but lighter.

Things You Are Going to Enjoy 

  • Large and wide fire cage to provide ample heat for everyone
  • The shining polished look fits with any environment. 
  • Easy ash removing passage through the bottom air duct. 

Things You Need to Consider 

  • This fire pit is difficult to set up single-handedly. 
  • Tend to turn pale after a few usages.

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Things to Consider before Buying Smokeless Fire Pit

Combustion system 

The combustion system works as the change-maker in a smokeless fire pit. Unlike the simple structure of a conventional fire pit, smokeless has a dual-wall structure and systematic vents, mostly in the upper and bottom parts of the fire pit. That’s how the woods get enough air for proper combustion.

A double-wall system captures the heat to warm up smoke and send it through the vent for a burn. The system is known as double combustion. You can assume that besides air, it uses smoke also for burning. In other words, this smokeless combustion system utilizes smoke without making it a matter of discomfort.


If you have a smokeless fire pit, then portability can be a factor to be considered. A smokeless fire pit is a compact heat source with maximum comfort and the lowest smoke possible.

And we want this kind of fire source when we are away from home for traveling, camping, or having a cozy time on the patio or backyard. So being lightweight or at least easily movable, portable is mandatory.


You can burn wood in a smokeless fire pit without causing huge smoke, and that is the amazing thing. So specific smokeless and low smoke fire pits are the least smoke-producing while using wood as fuel.

However, besides quality wood logs (precisely cut, well-dried), wood pellets and other wood-like alternatives will work amazingly in a smokeless fire pit.

Materials and Design

The best material for any low smoke fire pit is metal. Because there is a factor of heating trapped smoke for double combustion. And as a great conductor of heat, nothing can beat the efficacy of metal.

You have to consider the metal quality, composition, anti-rusting, and weather guard here. Stainless steel, metal coated with rust-resistant paint are the optimum choices.


Though smokeless fire pits are safe with quality firewoods and wood alternatives, some risks may arise. For example, huge flame, popping, and over-crackling. So maintaining a safe distance is a must. Using some mesh guards is also helpful. Other than that, always keep the fire extinguisher close to reaching for utmost safety.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do smokeless fire pits actually work?

Yes, smokeless fire pits actually work. You can’t expect a fire pit to be 100% smokeless while using woods, but yes, it will deliver you close to 100 low smoke experiences. 

Can you make a fire pit smokeless? 

Why not! All you need are some expert DIY tips for making a smokeless fire pit. Check out our article on the DIY smokeless fire pits. And for sure you are going to like the ideas. Because they are cost-effective, fun to do, and efficient.

Do smokeless fire pits keep you warm?

Generally, a smokeless fire pit gives off the standard level heat output, even sometimes more than a regular wood-burning fire pit. Its secrets are proper combustion, double burning through utilizing smoke and minimizing the smoke.


To curve this series, we have to go through hundreds of smokeless fire pits available in the market. We have collected data from manufactures and users. At last, we have come up with these 7 best smokeless fire pits of all time, which are the most popular, appreciated, and owned by most genuine users.

So we hope after this detailed review, you barely have any confusion about the smokeless fire pit you want to pick. However, if you have any queries, let us know in the comment section below. We will always be there for you with fire pits and fireplaces solutions. Best of luck with your purchase!

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