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10 Best Smokeless Fire Pits In 2020 (With Buying Guide)

by Fireplace Fact
best smokeless fire pits

Are you looking for details about the best smokeless fire pits? In this article, we will help you get the answers to your query and inform you of something about smokeless fire pits you might not hear before. To know this, just go with us through this article.

So at the very beginning, let’s know which fire pit is the best to produce smoke free fire with an affordable price range and can be found within your budget along with what features it may contain. In this article, we have discussed the 10 best smokeless fire pits in 2020, so let’s continue.

10 Best Smokeless Fire Pits In 2020 – Reviews

If you are serious about the best smokeless fire pit, you may have your own choice. You just need to know in detail what is required for you to do before selecting a smoke-free fire pit.

Every person has a different budget and an unusual choice for selecting a product for their own. Different renowned brands cover different types of quality products. So make sure to read the whole article before making your final buying decision. Now let’s see the 10 best smokeless fire pits and the features they include.

1. BREEO Double Flame Smokeless Outdoor Fire Pit

BREEO Double Flame Smokeless Outdoor Fire Pit Review

Breeo Double Flame Smokeless Outdoor Fire Pit was designed to be the ultimate backyard fire pit. This no smoke fire pit is larger than the 19″ Double Flame, ” making sure there’s always plenty of flames to gather around.


  • Product Dimension: 27 x 27 x 15 inches
  • Item weight: 57 pounds
  • Smokeless design
  • The material used: Stainless steel
  • Made in the USA
  • Grill & Lid Not Included
  • A super high-efficiency burning system


  • Made with stainless steel for long-lasting
  • The re-burn system allows double heat output without smoke
  • The depth and size of the pit allows various size logs and branches into it
  • Virtually smoke-free
  • Works way better than you think


  • Too much heavy and not that easy to carry as advertise
  • The edge of the ring is sharp
  • Sides of the pit can become incredibly hot, so be careful

Final Verdict

If you are looking for a durable and long-lasting no smoke fire pit, you can note this. With a minimum budget, you can easily get this beautiful and outstanding fire pit for your backyard.


2. Esright Stove Outdoor Bonfire Smokeless Fire Pit

Esright Stove Outdoor Bonfire Smokeless Fire Pit Review

For enjoying a bonfire with your family members, you can go for this smokeless fire pit. With an affordable price range, this product comes with many useful and necessary features.


  • Color: Silver
  • Material: Double 304 stainless steel
  • Dimension:21.5 x 21.5 x 13.8 inch
  • Item weight: 49 pounds
  • Package Dimension: 24 x 24 x 14.2 inch
  • 4 bottom holes for air supply.
  • The cold air will be warmed up and pushed out over the fire through small holes.
  • Hot oxygen creates a second burn that burns off the small particles of wood that would have been smoked.
  • Inner diameter: 15.75
  • Secondary combustion system available
  • Manufacturer: Esright
  • Double-wall for safety
  • No gas or propane required.


  • An excellent product according to its price
  • A great smoke-free fire pit
  • Comes with great design
  • Easy to set up
  • Burns quickly


  • Currently not found any cons

Final Verdict

Within a small budget, this smoke-free fire pit is a great choice. The quick-burning ability makes this pit a little different than other products.


3. Hi-Flame Bonfire Smokeless Stove Fire Pit

Hi-Flame Bonfire Smokeless Stove Fire Pit Review

Are you looking for a durable pit that produces smokeless fire? The Hi-Flame Bonfire Smokeless Stove fire pit hopefully is going to fulfill your needs. With a deficient smoke system, this product comes with great and handy features for you.


  • Sturdy and Durable
  • Low Smoke System
  • 304 Stainless Steel
  • Double Insulated Wall
  • Extra Top Lid & Support Pedestals
  • No Gas or Propane Required
  • Dimension: 20.5 x 20.5 x 18.5 inches
  • Item Weight: 42 pounds
  • Manufacturer: Hi-Flame
  • Fuel Type: Wood
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Comes with a top lid and bottom stand with a thickness of 1/16″
  • Cover not included
  • Safe to Use on Wooden Deck


  • Great quality, construction, and performance
  • Fires start easily on the first light
  • No smoke at all
  • Way beyond expectations
  • No more smoke in the face
  • Affordable in price
  • Comes with a practical design


  • Poor welding job

Final Verdict

This product is very easy to start, and the fire begins just on the first light. Another quality service from this smoke-free fire pit is it produces absolutely no smoke. If you plan to have one smokeless wood fire pit at a reasonable price, you can try this product.


4. Outland Firebowl Portable Propane Fire Pit

Outland Firebowl Portable Propane Fire Pit Review

This smokeless wood fire pit is designed with high-quality steel. If you are searching for a strong smokeless fire pit, you need to look at the features of this product.


  • High-quality steel construction
  • Stainless steel burner
  • Comes with a chrome valve knob
  • Comes with a 5.5 pounds natural lava rock set
  • Covers and carry kit included
  • Manufacturer: Outland Living
  • Product Dimension: 21 x 21 x 9.25 inches
  • Weight: 25.5 pounds
  • Includes 10 inches long hose with attached regulator
  • Include a stabilizer ring to reduce any accidents
  • Comes with CSA approval
  • It can produce 58,000 BTUs. per hour


  • Can easily gather up to 10 people
  • You can convert your pit into natural gas anytime
  • Value for the money
  • Best heat and light output
  • Very strongly build
  • Produce great heat
  • The size of this product is perfect and can easily keep you warm
  • Creates no muss or fuss


  • Have some problem with carrying straps

Final Verdict

This is one of the best products out there in the market. One of the most necessary and important features is you can turn this best smoke fire pit into natural gas at any time.


5. Tiki Stainless Steel Low Smoke Fire Pit

Tiki Stainless Steel Low Smoke Fire Pit Review

Unlike other products, the Tiki Stainless Steel Low Smoke Fire Pit comes with a lower price. If you are concerned about the price yet looking for an excellent featured wood fire pit, you can go for it. Let’s see what it includes.


  • Designed with 16-gauge stainless steel and durable weatherproof powder-coated exterior in black
  • Patent-pending internal airflow system for better fire, low smoke, and less ash
  • 25″ Diameter with approx. 16″ depth and diameter on the inside
  • Ash pan for easy cleanup and less mess
  • You can use traditional firewood, but when used with a TIKI Brand Wood Pack, you get all these benefits plus: An instant light fire, Predictable approximately 30-minute burn per pack.
  • A quick and instant light fire
  • Approximately 30-minute burn per pack
  • Cover included
  • Product dimension: 24.75 x 24.75 x 18.75 inches
  • Item weight: 45 pounds
  • Manufacturer: TIKI® Brand


  • It is very deep as a result no random ash in your face
  • Sleek, stylish and sturdy
  • Super easy to start the fire
  • Excellent value for a high-quality product
  • Minimal smoke design
  • Perfect patio size fire pit
  • Hassle-free bright fire
  • The quality is extraordinary
  • Burns super clean


  • Be careful about the kids gathering around to roast s’ mores

Final Verdict

This might be one of the best smokeless fire pits within such a low price range. It is sleek, stylish, and sturdy. With a minimal smoke design, this product burns super clean.


6. Solo Stove Yukon Smokeless Fire Pit

Solo Stove Yukon Smokeless Fire Pit Review

Solo Stove Yukon Smokeless Fire Pit is one of the most affordable best smokeless fire pits for your backyard. You can have fun with your family members just if you have this beautiful and strong build product.


  • Dimension: 30 x 30 x 16 inches
  • Item Weight: 45 pounds
  • Manufacturer: Solo Stove
  • Log friendly
  • Produce low smoke
  • Durable
  • Strong stainless steel construction
  • Fuel Type: Firewood Logs
  • Extra-large fire pit
  • Base produces oxygen directly to the embers, which helps the wood burn very fast and hot without ejecting ash
  • To pump out huge flames double-wall airflow design permits cool air to get to the underneath and move in between the two walls
  • To fuel the flame Vent holes near the top of the burn chamber allow preheated oxygen, resulting in complete combustion and a hotter fire with less smoke


  • Pretty cool and it is big enough
  • With new shelter, it is even better
  • Hands down best fire pit
  • Well-made and solidly built stove
  • Worth the price
  • Engineering is a masterpiece
  • Lights very quickly
  • Very much efficient
  • A great quality product
  • Awesome to sit around with friends


  • Do not expose to fire

Final Verdict

One of the most affordable fire pits in the market. Just think for once, you are getting almost all the features a smokeless fire pit can have, and you don’t have to spend much. So you might not want to miss the chance to get this useful feature at this economical price.


7. LEGACY HEATING Square Gas Fire Pit Table

LEGACY HEATING Square Gas Fire Pit Table Review

It is another top and best smokeless fire pit. According to smokeless fire pit users, this package satisfied them with its excellent features.


  • Dimension: 28 x 28 x 24 inches
  • Item Weight: 58.5 pounds
  • Manufacturer: California Outdoor Design
  • Hammered Brown Finish
  • Ignition system: Pulse igniter
  • Black powder coating, steel panel for wicker look
  • Easy access door for propane tank exchange
  • 20lb standard gas tank for usage. (not included)
  • ETL approved
  • Durable and solid iron burner
  • 30 inches large size
  • 50,000 BTUs heat output
  • Modern design
  • Includes an adjustable cover
  • Power Source: Propane or Liquid Petroleum Gas


  • Beautiful fire pit for the price
  • Build with solid quality
  • Slimmer in design than other pits
  • Excellent gas fire pit for the money
  • Easy and convenient to carry
  • Handles well with wind
  • Add a nice ambiance
  • A great patio heater
  • Easy to set up


  • Be cautious about getting the dent

Final Verdict

This smoke-free fire pit is a very budget-friendly product. This pit is one of the very few that provides all the important features a user needs within this budget range.


8. Flame Genie Portable Smoke-Free Inferno Fire Pit

Flame Genie Portable Smoke-Free Inferno Fire Pit Review

The Flame Genie Portable Smoke-Free Inferno Fire Pit is ideal for evening fire and drinks with your family or friends. This smokeless wood fire pit is designed with strong galvanized steel for long-lasting. By using this product, you will get the opportunity of decent heat for an extended period. Now let’s look at its detailed information, including features, pros, and cons.


  • Product Dimension: 13.5″ Diameter x 12.5″ Height
  • Material Used: Galvanized Steel
  • Initial Fuel Load: 6 lbs of pellets
  • Visible Flame Time: 25 – 35 minutes
  • Heat Time: 60-90 minutes
  • Fuel Type: Wood pallets
  • Care Instruction: Store in a dry environment to avoid rusting. The surface finish may become discolored or peeled after multiple uses
  • Smoke-free and spark-free features included.
  • Cover: Included
  • Black Powder Coat Paint Finish
  • Ideal for Patio and Campsite Use
  • Produces a larger flame, more heat and longer burn times
  • Burns clean and easy-to-handle wood pellets, producing minimal ash and requiring little cleanup
  • Made In: USA


  • Creates a larger flame, more heat & longer burn times.
  • More holes and it works great
  • Perfect for evening fire and drinks
  • An alternative to a traditional wood fire pit
  • Beautiful flame and it last for long
  • Great for small urban setup
  • Easy to use
  • Nice for camping
  • Produce very little smoke
  • Just work as advertised


  • A little costly in price

Final Verdict

If you want to use a brand product, with long-lasting durability, easy to use, and produce very little smoke naturally, we would recommend The Flame Genie Portable Smoke-Free Inferno Fire Pit.


9. Outdoor Wicker Patio w/Lava Rocks Fire Pit

Outdoor Wicker Patio w/Lava Rocks Fire Pit Review

We would love to inform you that the Outdoor Wicker Patio w/Lava Rocks Fire Pit gives you all the features that you are looking for. You will get the opportunity to enjoy the cozy fire pit that provides a nice flame and relaxing atmosphere.


  • Product Dimension: 28″(L) x 28″(W) x 24.75″(H)
  • Weight Capacity: 150 lbs
  • Weight: 59 lbs
  • Material: Steel, Wicker, Polyester
  • Assembly required (with instructions)
  • Tools Included
  • CSA-Certified
  • Includes: Fire pit, weather cover, (1 Bag) Lava Rocks, Allen wrench, BCP SKU: SKY5673
  • Manufacturer: Best Choice Product
  • Assembly Required (with instruction)


  • Gentle flame provides a relaxing atmosphere
  • Cozy firepit
  • Classy and easy to use
  • Will exceed your expectation
  • Quality of this product is just as pictured
  • A great addition to patio living
  • Have plenty of room
  • Good value for the price
  • Great heat output
  • Kids will enjoy making smores


  • Have some issue with the igniter

Final Verdict

This is another most affordable fire pit that is available in the market. Can you imagine you will get almost all the features a smokeless fire pit can have spending just a little? We believe you should grab the opportunity and enjoy this beautiful and handy product.


10. UKIAH Tailgater Music Fire Pit

UKIAH Tailgater Music Fire Pit Review

If you want to experience a premium smokeless fire pit, you can go for this extraordinary product. This product has some uncommon features that might blow your mind. You should look at all the features, pros and cons of this beautiful product if you are willing to go for a fire pit.


  • Product dimension: 19.7 x 17.9 x 16.8 inches
  • Item Weight: 34.4 pounds
  • Manufacturer: UKIAH
  • Portability: Yes
  • Shape: Square
  • Material: Steel frame
  • Metal Finish: Bronze
  • Finishing: Powder-coated
  • Color: Black
  • Patented 12V 100 watt sound system
  • Assembly Detail: No assembly required
  • Propane Tank Required (but not included)
  • Protective Qualities: Rust-Resistance
  • Heat Coverage: 12 Foot Radius
  • Fuel Type: Gas
  • Two 3-in marine-grade speakers with vibration boards for incredible sound quality
  • 4 Modes including music only, fire only, music and fire, grill only, or music and grill for a customizable experience
  • Wireless Bluetooth connection with a 60-foot range
  • Power Source: Battery-Powered, Propane
  • Custom rechargeable lithium-ion battery with 20-hour battery life and charging cord
  • Quick-connect adapter for 20-lb external propane tank
  • Electronic starter
  • Includes: Lid, Cover, lava rock, Gas Hose
  • Two 3.5-in marine-grade speakers plus a custom subwoofer for incredible sound quality
  • Beat to Music (BTM) mode lets you sync the flame to your music with custom Reactive Flame technology.
  • TCIN: 79811351
  • UPC: 728028482324


  • Beautiful and eye-catchy dancing fire
  • Exactly as described/ everything included
  • Worth the money
  • Perfectly fits on a deck table
  • The fire pit is easy to operate
  • Coolest little fire pit on the block


  • Currently not found

Final Verdict

This smoke-free UKIAH Tailgater Music Fire Pit is very popular among the customers for its quality products and advanced features. If you are looking for all the features of enjoying the best smokeless fire pit, we would like to recommend this one.


Things To Consider Before Buying Smokeless Fire Pit

How to choose a smokeless fire pit in 2020? We are sharing with you some factors that you need to consider.

smokeless fire pit buying guide

Dimension and Size

If you have enough yard space, you can go for a bigger fire pit. It helps increase your yard look a lot better, and it also looks more impressive.

But if you want to bring it with you for your outdoor adventures, you can go for a smaller one. When you go camping or hiking or even to the beachside, you can bring it with you.

If you can use your portable fire pit, you don’t need to bother to build your bonfire. The only thing you need to consider is whether it is easy to carry or not, which means it needs to be lightweight and compact.

Durability And Build Quality

How long does a fire pit last? Does it create problems soon after buying? Certainly, you will be looking for a fire pit that will serve you for a longer period.

This means it should be able to resist the elements. As a result, the pit should be made of tough and durable materials.

You may also look for where the fire pit is manufactured since some countries like the US follow the instructions very strictly regarding the build quality. But other countries are a bit too neglectful regarding quality control.


Different materials can stand up better than others. Cooper is better for developing stains, whereas aluminum is great to hold up well against rust. There is a reason for stainless steel with this name, and for highly reliable material cast-iron is well known though it is very heavy. You have to decide which material will be best suited for the amount you use and how often you will be using your pit.


It means the amount of heat released by the fire pit. According to your space, the number of BTUs will vary; for example, if you have a larger area, you will need higher BTUs accordingly.

Air Flow Management System

If you are looking to achieve a smokeless fire pit to keep the fire going for long, you need a fire pit that features the most efficient air combustion process. No smoke fire pits can burn wood at a much higher temperature. So, using new methods, such as a double flame and double wall system, helps channel airflow in the most efficient manner possible. At a much higher temperature, smoke-free fire pits can burn wood. Hence, cutting down on smoke effectively, which is produced by nature, is poor byproduct combustion.


First of all, you need to decide whether you are looking for a fire pit that can go with you. Unless they are of a massive variety, smaller fire pits and fire bowls are ideal for transport. On the other hand, fire tables are permanents.

Fuel Versatility

Can the fire pit use logs, or can it use natural gas? If you are confused about what kind of fuel you can use or not, it would be nice if your fire pit can make use of various fuel options.

Sometimes it depends on your mood, because sometimes you may want to use logs simply because you feel like using them.

Easy To Use

A fire pit is supposed to help you, your friends and family relax, so naturally, it should be easy and simple to use or operate. At the very beginning, you may need to assemble the fire pit, so it should be easy enough, especially for those who are not experienced.

You should not face any trouble starting the fire, and the level of the fire should also be very easy to control. If you are going with a portable unit, there should be comfortable handles to move it according to your needs easily.

Included Accessories

A good quality fire pit normally comes with a kit that includes many useful items you will need for your fire pit. You might look for a longer gas line if you are using gas.

You may also look for other items to be included, like lava rocks, a poker, a cover, and a spark screen.

Safety Features

Anything involved with fire can be very dangerous, so you should make sure whether you have safety features in your fire pit, so you end up burning your space.


This is a very important question, where are you going to use your fire pit? Because few fire pits are not suitable for wooden decks, there are certain areas where you cannot use specific kinds of portable fire pits. A user needs to know the rules and regulations of fire pits and the palace where you can use them safely.


Now let’s see in brief what we have discussed above. We have talked about 10 best smokeless fire pits and tried to review them, providing detailed information.

So if you gained any facilities or you have gathered new information about smokeless fire pit from this article. We would be happy to know that. So leave your comment below as it drives us to work hard and collect genuine information for you.

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