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10 Best Direct Vent Gas Fireplace In 2021 With Buying Guide

by Fireplace Fact

The problem with conventional fireplaces that burn wood is that they deliver a considerable amount of heat up the chimney, which is quite a big waste. However, direct vent gas fireplaces are different. These models utilize outdoor air for combustion instead of the inside air, which creates a convection-type heat distribution that’s more energy-efficient and helps keep homes warmer.

And since they come in different models, there is one for every type of home. Below we have given some of the ten best models currently available in the market with detailed information you will require before buying your desired product.

Best Direct Vent Gas Fireplace Reviews

In this article, we present the top-rated gas fireplace insert reviews. Along with that, we also explained why some features make a fireplace insert the perfect addition to your home and why you should consider installing one.

1. Majestic Quartz Direct Vent Natural Gas Burning Fireplace

Best Direct Vent Gas Fireplace

The Quartz series gas fireplaces have all the qualities you need with the options according to your desire. Custom-make for the fireplace that fits into your life more or less perfectly. The slight depth takes less of your living space, making ambiance accessible to all, while the flexible interior can be changed from traditional to contemporary to fit your style.


  • Primary fireplace for your homes
  • Convert to a modern look now or later. They are sold separately.
  • Pre-wired for the wall switch. The switch is not included.
  • Top or Rear venting ordered separate.
  • 15,000 to 21,000 BTUs burning Natural Gas
  • IntelliFire™ Plus Ignition System
  • Direct Vent Technology
  • Full firescreen front and hood
  • Onyx & Diamond Glass
  • Natural Stone Kit
  • Glowing embers
  • Eight ceramic fiber logs
  • 12 inches control wire


  • Product Dimension: 36 x 16.31 x 34.06 inches
  • Material: Metal
  • Fuel Type: Natural gas or liquid propane
  • Manufacturer: HHT Majestic
  • Batteries Required: No
  • Type: Inserts
  • Electronic Ignition: Yes
  • Mount Type: Wall Mounted
  • Vent Type: Direct Vent
  • Fuel Type: Natural Gas
  • BTU/hour input: 21,000 (NG); 18,500 (LP)
  • Heating Capacity: Up to 900 sq ft

Safety Features:

  • Electronic Ignition: Yes
  • Spark Screen Included: Yes


  • Well-matched with both top and rear venting
  • Relatively compact design
  • Comes with a laminated glass screen 
  • Very easy to use


  • Accessories and changes in outlook may cost of owning this fireplace.

Final Verdict:

If you aim for the best direct vent fireplace, then the Majestic Quartz Direct Vent Natural Gas Burning Fireplace will be the best choice for you. The tempered glass screen makes this fireplace look fabulous. The most mind-blowing thing about this high-efficiency direct vent gas fireplace is that it is incredibly easy to use. We are very much impressed with this product, and we encourage you to grab one if you are looking to buy a direct vent gas fireplace.

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2. Empire Comfort Systems Direct Vent Fireplace

Empire Comfort Systems Direct Vent Fireplace Review

The 36-inch premium fireplace is such a great product that you may want to have in every cold season. Ignition is done using a piezoelectric push button. Remember that piezoelectric igniters require no battery backup or electricity. This model works great with any of the Empire’s seven remote control accessories, varying from simple switches to thermostats.


  • Gas Type: Natural Gas
  • Includes: 7 Ceramic fiber logs, Burner, Barrier Screen
  • Manual variable flame height.
  • Matte black interior walls.
  • Black clean face.
  • The top or rear vent field is convertible.
  • The electrical junction box included for hook up.
  • The Control panel is located behind the lower panel.
  • Ember bed.
  • Ignition: Standing pilot.
  • They are manufactured for indoor use.
  • Btu/Hr: 14,000 – 20,000 (LP).
  • Remote ready – Remote is omitted.
  • Manufactured for indoor use


  • Dimension: 16.38 x 37.63 x 43 inches
  • Weight: 130 pounds
  • Manufacturer: Empire Comfort Systems
  • Fuel type: Natural gas


  • Includes variable speed blower
  • Ceramic fiber brick liner included
  • Up to 82% efficiency


  • Required barrier screen not included

Final Verdict:

A fireplace suitable for in-wall installation doesn’t have to be tiny, and it doesn’t need to lack any power. This best rated direct vent gas fireplace has all of the heating capacity and lots of other useful features to boot. The best part of this high-efficiency direct vent gas fireplace is it includes a variable-speed blower. This is one of the best products out there in the market right now. Just one thing you have to keep in mind, and that is that the barrier screen is not included.

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3. Empire Tahoe Direct-Vent Millivolt Fireplace

Empire Tahoe Direct-Vent Millivolt Fireplace Review

The unit has black slat louvers and features remote-ready controls. For more excellent reliability, it doesn’t use electricity. Hem-bent seams guarantee structural integrity, eliminating the need for unreliable fasteners and screws. Although this model uses natural gas only, models that use propane are available.


  • Fireplace kit with a pilot assembly standing control light
  • 36 inches premium direct vent gas fireplace with 4-piece log set
  • Slope glaze burner generates up to 25,000 BTUs with 83% efficiency.
  • Large heat-resistant tempered glass viewing window
  • Includes black slat louvers
  • Standing pilot with remote-ready millivolt controls
  • Requires no electricity
  • Heater-rated
  • Hem-bent seams eliminate unreliable screws and fasteners.
  • Accepts top and rear venting
  • Uses convenient natural gas


  • Dimension: 16.38 x 37 x 32.68 inches
  • Weight: 102 pounds
  • Manufacturer: Empire
  • Batteries Required: No


  • Works entirely without a bit of heat being lost to a chimney
  • Well-protected for shipping. 
  • A well-made firebox
  • Piezoelectric ignition
  • Remote-ready controls
  • Up to 83% of heating efficiency
  • Three years warranty


  • The barrier screen/door set is not included.

Final Verdict:

The contour burners generate up to 20 BTU with a heating efficiency of at least 83%. The firebox is made from large, heat-resistant tempered glass that creates a magnificent viewing window. But the thing that we liked the most about this top-rated direct vent gas fireplaces because it works perfectly without a bit of heat being lost to a chimney. This product is also well protected for the chimney.

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4. Majestic Oxford Direct Vent Gas Stove

Majestic Oxford Direct Vent Gas Stove Review

Create a warm, homely atmosphere with minimal effort by using this Oxford gas stove from Majestic. This direct vent gas stove reflects a traditional stove’s characteristics with its classic black finish and cast iron construction installed on rigid wood flooring.


  • Uses SLP Pipe
  • On or off controls
  • Insta-Flame ceramic burner
  • Remote control or thermostat capable
  • Includes a varified safety hurdle
  • Outstanding black cast iron construction
  • A large clear sight of the fire
  • Clean and simple design for an outstanding look
  • Three-piece realistic split oak ceramic fiber log set
  • No power needed with standing pilot ignition
  • The stove comes in natural gas and is shipped with a propane conversion kit.


  • Dimension: 23″ W x 28 3/8″ H x 17″ D
  • Color: Black(OXDV30SP)
  • Weight: 286 pounds
  • Manufacturer: Majestic
  • Batteries Required: No
  • BTU: 28,000
  • Dimensions of venting: 4 inches
  • Approved Direct Vent Systems: HHT, DuraVent
  • Type of Valve: Millivolt


  • This stove is a perfect size and very sturdy.


  • This unit has soot issues that are impossible to rectify.

Final Verdict:

This best direct vent fireplace’s solid cast iron construction features a shining ceramic burner system with a large glass viewing area permitting maximum viewing pleasure, which proves a great heat. Just keep in mind that the product has soot issues that are quite tough to rectify.

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5. Empire Boulevard Direct Vent Linear Fireplace

Empire Boulevard Direct Vent Linear Fireplace Review

The Boulevard 48 fireplaces include a multi-function thermostat remote control used to manage the variable burner, optional blower, and accent lighting. The charming, bright back-lit LCD screen will be your best guide through the set-up and operation, making it a painless process using simple graphics.


  • Fireplace Type Options: Standard Fireplace or Wall Mounted Fireplace
  • Accompanied by a matte black liner
  • Features a fully recessed burner
  • Includes Matte Black Liner and Barrier Screen
  • You will need a beautifying crushed glass.
  • Select between bronze reflective or copper reflective crushed glass.
  • Accompanied with versatile thermostat remote control that operates the variable burner, dimmer lighting (optional on DVLL48), and optional blower
  • The backlit LCD screen uses simple graphics for superior guidance through setup and operation.
  • Includes an electronic intermittent ignition system that removes the standing pilot to help you save money and energy
  • It comes with a back-up battery system, which is located in a wall box for remote or manual functions.
  • You can change to a standing pilot mode with the remote to continue heating your room during power outages.
  • Ceramic glass supports for heat transfer.
  • A tile right up to the rectangular opening is added to create a stunningly beautiful and useful clean-face fireplace.
  • An optional trim kit finishes the opening and rearrange for different depths of stone or tile.
  • The non-combustible board is included for installation on top of the fireplace.
  • All remote controls and lighting systems carry a one-year limited warranty.
  • Natural gas and propane gas options
  • BTUs: Natural Gas – 38,000 / Propane – 34,000


  • Dimension: 19.49 x 47.36 x 60.98 inches
  • Vent Type: Direct Vent
  • Type: Direct Vent
  • Style: Linear
  • Fuel Type: Natural Gas | Propane
  • Venting Type: Direct Vent
  • Ignition: Intermittent Pilot Ignition
  • Maximum Heat Output:50,000 BTUs | 52,500 BTUs
  • Firebox Width:76 1/4″
  • Firebox Depth:13″
  • Certifications: CSA Certified | ANSI Z21.88 | UL Listed
  • Firebox Height:20″
  • Color: Black
  • Assembly Required: Required
  • Item Weight:483 lbs.

Installation Requirements

  • Includes a non-combustible board for installing above the fireplace. The fireplace opening must be encircled by additional non-combustible materials such as tile, stone, or non-combustible board and finishes.
  • Must include a liner, but for the 48 inches, the Matte Black liner is included.
  • Must have media, for example, fire glass or crushed glass.

Optional Accessories

  • 7-piece Ceramic Fiber Log Set, Rocks, and 5 Stainless Steel Coils
  • Automatic Variable Twin Blower
  • Accent Lighting Kit


  • Saves energy 
  • Includes instructions in the LCD 
  • A backup battery is incorporated. 
  • Works whether power is available or not 
  • High BTU output 
  • The remote control is included.


  • Expensive

Final Verdict:

The 48 inches Empire Boulevard Direct Vent Linear Fireplace is an excellent option for you. As you can tell, this device is extensive, and for installation, you may require a lot of your wall space. It works well with apartment buildings and any other varieties of houses.

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6. Majestic Mercury 32″ Top/Rear Direct Vent Gas Fireplace

Majestic Mercury 32" Top/Rear Direct Vent Gas Fireplace Review

The Mercury gas fireplace adds refreshing ambiance, warmth, and enjoyment to your home. You will be going to love this gorgeous product with a trouble-free hearth experience with a compact design and realistic split logs. Let’s have a look at the features.


  • 13,500 – 19,100 Btu/Hour Input (NG)
  • Six ceramic fiber logs
  • Gas flex connector
  • Compact design
  • Includes: 
    • 4 x 6 5/8 inches top vent collar
    • Six ceramic fiber logs
    • Full firescreen front and hood
    • Gas flex connector
    • Glowing embers
    • Battery backup
    • Junction box
    • 12′ control wire
    • Tempered glass
  • Realistic split logs
  • Standing pilot or IntelliFire™ Ignition System allows dependable warmth.
  • The decorative black mesh screen adds safety.
  • Available in 32” model
  • Up to 19,100 BTUs


  • Dimension: 16.31 x 36 x 34.37 inches
  • Weight: 80 pounds
  • Manufacturer: Majestic
  • Fuel Type: Natural gas or liquid propane 


  • Strong durability
  • The full firescreen and hood is really handy
  • Strong tempered glass ensures long lasting


  • No cons found yet

Final Verdict:

If you are looking for a great and robust fireplace, then this top-rated direct vent gas fireplace is just going to meet your desire. Majestic stands for outstanding durability, stunning looks, and long-lasting performance in wood and gas fireplaces. Ensuring that they make environmentally conscious decisions are crucial when selecting the products and services they choose to buy and use.

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7. Deluxe 36″ Direct-Vent LP Millivolt Fireplace

Deluxe 36" Direct-Vent LP Millivolt Fireplace Review

You will be pleased with the instant warmth, cleanliness, ease, and overall attractiveness of this direct vent gas fireplace. We request you to go through the detailed features and its pros and cons so that you can have a clear picture before going for this product.


  • 36″ deluxe direct vent gas fireplace with 5-piece log set
  • Contour burner generates up to 20,000 BTUs with 83% efficiency.
  • Large heat-resistant tempered glass viewing window
  • Includes black slat louvers
  • Remote-ready millivolt controls
  • Requires no electricity
  • Heater-rated
  • Hem-bent seams eliminate unreliable screws and fasteners.
  • Natural gas and propane models available


  • Dimension: 16.38 x 37 x 32.68 inches
  • Weight: 102 pounds
  • Manufacturer: Empire


  • This fireplace is very nice looking.
  • an easy installation with minimal issues, and the instructions were clear
  • Great product with excellent service


  • Painting on the vents is of low quality.

Final Verdict:

The best part is that the millivolt systems require no electric or battery backup. The systems work with any of their seven remote control accessories – from simple wall switches to thermostats to hand-held programmable remotes. Just the thing that we didn’t like is the painting quality.

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8. Thelin Echo Direct Vent Natural Gas Heater

Thelin Echo Direct Vent Natural Gas Heater Review

The Echo free standing stove represents the traditional style-defining Thelin Hearth Products classic series. Sleek, highly versatile, and well proportioned. The Echo gas stove utilizes direct vent technology that allows this stove to be installed with ease in most rooms. In detail, let’s see the overall features, along with the pros and cons of this beautiful product.


  • Beautiful High-Temperature Paint Finish
  • You can choose either from the propane option or the natural gas option.
  • Includes a realistic-looking ceramic log set
  • The painted finish can stand up to heat and is designed to look great for years.


  • Item Weight: 145 pounds
  • Manufacturer: ThelinCo
  • Made in: USA
  • Batteries Required: No


  • The stove comes thermostat, ready for convenience.
  • Uses direct vent technology
  • Has a maximum BTU output of 31000


  • Requires venting through an exterior wall, vertically through the roof, or through a chimney
  • Installation is more complicated than non-vented stoves.

Final Verdict:

This cast iron gas stove from Thelin EchoDV gas is available in the natural gas version’s propane version. It has a direct vent design and includes a realistic-looking set of logs to make your home feel cozy. Just the thing that we don’t like is the installation process, which is a bit complex.

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9. Majestic Meridian Series Direct Vent Gas Fireplace

Majestic Meridian Series Direct Vent Gas Fireplace Review

Are you looking for instant warmth and comfort in your life? If yes, then this top vented gas fireplace insert is ideal for you. Meridian series gas fireplaces come with real-looking flames that roll around split logs. A clean and crisp interior makes these fireplaces inviting, whether they’re burning or not.


  • For medium and more enormous rooms
  • Package includes Decorative Black Mesh Front.
  • Pre-wired for the wall switch. The switch is not included.
  • Top or Rear venting ordered separate.
  • 20,000 to 35,000 BTUs burning Natural Gas


  • Dimension: 48 x 21 x 41.88 inches
  • Manufacturer: HHT Majestic


  • Rear and top venting options 
  • Black mesh is added for better aesthetics 
  • High BTU output 
  • Controllable heat output


  • Accessories, including the venting options, are sold individually.

Final Verdict:

This is another best rated direct vent gas fireplace out there in the market. The ignition system authorizes a great response from people looking into this as a possible purchase. When heating is concerned, you are likely not to be disappointed by the device. The thing that we don’t like is the accessories part which is not sold separately.

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10. Majestic Quartz Series Direct Vent Gas Fireplace

Majestic Quartz Series Direct Vent Gas Fireplace Review

The Quartz series gas fireplaces have the characteristics you need with the options you like. Custom-make for the fireplace that fits into your life perfectly. The slight depth takes less of your living space, making this ambiance attainable to all of you. Simultaneously, the versatile interior can be changed from traditional to contemporary to fit your style.


  • Essential fireplace for elementary homes
  • Convert to a modern look now or later.
  • Pre-wired for the wall switch. The switch is not included.
  • You need to order a top or rear venting separately.
  • 20,000 to 28,500 BTU’s


  • Dimension: 48 x 16.31 x 39.56 inches
  • Manufacturer: HHT Majestic
  • Batteries Required: No


  • Well suited with top and back end venting
  • Reasonably compact in design
  • Comes with a tempered glass screen, which makes it easy to use


  • Accessories and changes in outlook add a little bit of high cost.

Final Verdict:

The Majestic Quartz gas fireplace is an excellent quality, low-cost gas fireplace offering electronic ignition, slim depth, and an easy installation design. Well compact than another high-efficiency direct vent gas fireplace that is out there in the market. Changing any accessories might cost you a little more.

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What Is A Direct Vent Gas Fireplace

Today the most popular hearth system is the direct vent gas fireplace. This is because they are safe and suitable; moreover, the sealed combustion system defends the inside air of your room by pulling the outside air and perfectly expels the combustion exhaust and all other byproducts outside of your home.

The venting system has two chambers and a single “direct vent” that works together and accomplish two purposes, where one chamber works to pull out oxygen from outside. The other one expels the byproducts and gases of the fire.

Benefits Of Direct Vent Gas Fireplaces 

You are probably thinking of buying one direct best direct vent fireplace because these fireplaces are connected with some benefits. You do not need to deal with harmful gases, which will ensure the closed design of these fireplaces. On the other hand, if you were using conventional wood-burning fireplaces, there is a chance for carbon dioxide to travel into your room just because of their open design. There might be a chance of carbon dioxide poisoning if you are not cautious enough. By using this tool, you can quickly get rid of this problem.

Yes, you may also think about the fact: usually, the fire does not use up all the oxygen from the room. So you can breathe much easier if you have a direct vent option.

Another most vital benefit is to increase safety. By using the controls, it is much easier to regulate or enclose the flame. Thus, you do not have to come closer to the fire. It is enough just to click a button. Most importantly, you and your whole family members are going to be safe and harmless. 

The increase in heating efficiency is another great benefit for you. Most fireplaces lost their heat through chimneys and other outlets. But this gorgeous fireplace is designed so that the heat goes directly inside your home, and there is no chance of wasting any heat. This is the reason this direct vent gas fireplace has higher statistics regarding heating efficiency.

Features To Consider When Choosing Direct Vent Gas Fireplace 

How would you think that the fireplace you are choosing is the perfect one for you? Well, to know that, you need to go through them in detail features. So let’s jump into the critical part.


There are a few questions that you need to ask yourself before you go for any fireplace. For example, how big or small is your fireplace? If the installation is large, can your home handle such a big size? Let us give you an example. If your home is not permanent, then you might not have the options for large walls. If you have a fireplace that uses up around 42 inches of your room wall, this might be excessive for you. This will also look scribble a lot more. That is why for such a situation where the size of the wall is around 34 inches, for these types of walls, the Empire DVC28IN31N Innsbrook Large Clean Face Fireplace Insert is going to suit perfectly.

Framing dimensions 

For deciding where to install your fireplace, farming dimensions are a crucial part of the device’s overall size. Keep in mind that you will have an inner frame, an exterior frame, and space in between as well.

To make sure how well your fireplace will fit into your wall, you will need to go through these measurements. Before you bring in the fireplace, you will get a good idea of whether you have to make additional space on your wall or not.

BTU output 

Where total heat output is concerned, the Empire Boulevard Direct Vent Linear Fireplace mentioned above is the most superior. This is because it produces the highest BTU value of all the devices on our list. However, you have to be aware of even your heat requirements before deciding that this is the tool for you. 

In a small apartment, you will likely never need to turn it on to the maximum. As such, it would be a waste for you to purchase that while you could make do with something like the Majestic JADE32IN Jade 32″ Gas Fireplace


You might also need a tool that can convert the maximum fuel that it burns into heat energy. Which means the efficiency level will be much higher. The Empire DVD36FP30N Tahoe Deluxe 36” Millivolt Fireplace is going to be perfect for you if you because no other tools that are mentioned can match its efficiency, which is 83%.

Ignition system 

You should invest your money in a direct vent gas fireplace insert because these fireplaces will not create any kind of problems while you try to turn on the device. You will find a small number of products with such ignition systems, if not the rest of them, but a maximum number of direct vent fireplaces comes with different kinds of benefits. Some ignition systems have battery backups, which is very helpful because if there’s any power outage, you can turn your device on without any issues.


While making any decision, the venting process will help you to make those decisions more easily. You may require to build a venting system for your fireplace. Because in the end, the main thing is to get rid of the byproduct your fireplace will produce in between the burning process.

If any of you have their fireplaces, you can go for a similar venting system. This is because if your venting system is top class quality, then you don’t have to convert it, and it lines up with your back end vent purchase. Finally, the installation process will take much less time, and it will be more comfortable.

With a top vent system just like the Napoleon GX36NTR Ascent 35 Gas Fireplace, the chances of a venting collar to work perfectly is much higher. If you want to use pipes to clear out the gases produced, the procedure of the rear venting system is the same.

You need to consider your wall and make sure that the system you choose will damage your wall much less. If you are not sure and cannot decide which venting system you should go for, you can select the Empire Comfort Systems DVCD42FP31N Tahoe Clean Face Deluxe Fireplace. You will get both top and rear venting options with this outstanding direct vent gas fireplace. Finally, once you have your desired product, we can easily decide which one you should use.

If you choose a central wall for your direct vent gas fireplace, the best option for you will be the powered venting system.


If you have children running around now and then, you might have some small household accident and which is not unusual at all. In this case, it will be smart work for you to make sure that you purchase a durable fireplace so that it doesn’t get much damage and does not create any unexpected incidents. On the other hand, the excellent quality and durable fireplaces have great possibilities to serve for much more extended periods.


After you see the ceramic glass feature that works as a protective screen, you won’t have any more doubt in your mind. Well, you need to select only one of these two options. 

The ceramic option is going to be perfect for you if you are looking for top-notch quality. The benefits you will get with these glasses are durability, excellent heat resistance, and rusting issues.

Nevertheless, many people will consider this glass for purchase because of the massive benefit of the tempered glass. This is also very much affordable, and if you seriously have a limited budget, then this tempered glass might serve you best to keep your cost down.

Surrounds and liner 

If you look at the direct vent gas fireplaces’ design, it will seem like they are designed into single units. But these are made by using different kinds of attachable parts, and once the installation process is done, you can’t see a few of these parts. Most importantly, the installation process is not complicated.

Some of the fireplace areas will come in touch with repeated heating and cooling because they are much closer to the heating source. This may cause damage to your fireplace, and in reality, you don’t want that to happen. So to prevent this, fireplace liners will do the job. That means if you are looking to set your fireplace in the bedroom, living room, or anywhere in your house, you have to think about a liner too.

Ease of installation

You should get a much easier product to install if you do not have a sufficient budget in your hand. The main reason for that is you have to install the fireplace on your own. But, if you don’t know how to install or don’t have the tools either, you have to pay someone else to do the job for you. Remember that you have to make yourself ready for any of these incidents while you confirm any product for your home. 


A warranty might be an excellent benefit for the user because of these direct vent fireplaces’ price range. Another great benefit for you would be to send your fireplace to the manufacturer regarding any repairing issues without even paying extra. Keep in mind that there are limited warranties for every product from the day you purchase it. Here is an example for your better understanding, You will get less than three years of warranty with the Empire DVC28IN31N Innsbrook Large Clean Face Fireplace Insert.


There is nothing to hide about the price range of direct vent gas fireplaces because most customers know that these are much expensive. The lower price range is around 2000 dollars. Well, this is just the purchasing price. There are installation processes that might cost you more money.

Another important part is you have to have a budget for the gas you will use for your fireplace; it might be propane or natural. So you must go for the tools that are much affordable for you. But if you have a decent budget, for example, if your budget is around 5000 dollars, you can go for much higher and better options accordingly.

Other features 

By adding a few extra features, some manufacturers want to make sure that their offers are valuable. A great example is ceramic fiber logs. They are magnificent to make the flame gorgeous when it burns in the fireplace. Backup batteries can be convenient though you won’t find them in all models. Every extra feature that is included with the fireplace will be handy for you. So if you can afford it, you should go for a device with all types of extra features you like.

Frequently Asked Question

1. Do you need a chimney for a direct vent gas fireplace?

No, you don’t need any chimney for a direct vent gas fireplace because you can vent horizontally in your sidewall or straight up through the roof. Drawing air for combustion from outside and expelling gases to the outside well is a very efficient feature, and this is only possible for the chamber, which is completely enclosed.

2. How much does it cost to install a direct vent gas fireplace?

To install a direct vent gas fireplace usually the cost is between $3,500 to $7,500

3. Do direct vent fireplaces provide heat?

Yes, direct vent fireplaces are great providers of heat. They usually convert almost the entire fuel to functional heat. For preventing mass numbers of heat, these high-efficiency direct vent gas fireplaces are entirely sealed off by using glass doors from the interior rooms. 

4. Where can your direct vent fireplace be installed?

It is better to install a direct vent fireplace to your homes’ outside walls because they require air from outside for combustion and exhaust.


Finally, it’s time to see what we have discussed above. We have talked about the ten best direct vent gas fireplace and tried to review each product one by one with detailed information to make your buying decision much more comfortable.

Lastly, if you have gained any productive information which genuinely helped you, we would be delighted to know that. Your satisfaction is our main concern. Please make sure to comment below and let us know your feelings cause your success creates a big curve of a smile on our lips.

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