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10 Best Outdoor Fireplace Reviews & Buying Guide ( 2021)

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Making your outdoor area warm and cozy gets easy with a perfect fire feature. Regardless of your outdoor size, landscaping, patio, and interior, you will need a suitable fireplace to get the best out of your space. You can gather, sit back, relax, and chatter all night with your loved ones when your place is warm. A fireplace for outdoor use also serves purposes for lighting and simple cooking ways. However, the decorative attribute of an outdoor fireplace is a bonus!

That’s why for helping you to select the best outdoor fireplace for your space, we have brought an exclusive review of the 10 best outdoor fireplaces of all time. Before that, read out the basic guide for buying an outdoor fireplace for better understanding. 

So let’s get started,

Buying Guide for Outdoor Fireplace

Local Regulation 

Every locality has its own rule and regulation on wood-burning and other fire activities. While placing an outdoor fireplace in your backyard, you are bringing your neighborhood into the exposure. There are specified terms for getting an outdoor fireplace. You might need to have the permission of local authorities. Or you may need to submit an application and fill out some forms. Whatever the process is, please try to go through it properly and bring the outdoor fireplace accordingly. 

Type of the fireplace 

There are two basic types of outdoor fireplaces, which are used widely. One is built-in and movable. Building a fireplace permanently in your yard will cost you a lot. However, it looks completely aristocratic and adds a great accent to your backyard. As you can’t change the built-in one often, we recommend you go with an unfixed and movable one. It will allow you to move and change with your patio and backyard exterior. 


It’s important to maintain the harmony of the design of your fireplace with the architectural attributes of your outdoor space. Don’t bring a too big or too small fireplace for your outdoor area. Always try to keep the outdoor fireplace size and design compatible with your patio size or the zone where you will place the fireplace.  


While planning a fire furnishing in your outdoors, please remember that you need to maintain at least 10 feet distance from your main household area. If you are about to buy a fireplace for your patio, make sure the ceiling is open or have proper exhaust ventilation. However, placing your fireplace amid the opening of the patio and pool area will add up extra lighting features. 


Know your purpose in getting an outdoor fireplace prior to making a purchase. Many fireplaces come with different functional options like heating, cooking, and decoration. At the same time, some serve only one purpose. So before buying, check the functionality of your fireplace. 

Safety Measures

The phrase “safety comes first” is always true, and everyone should follow it. While using your outdoor fireplace and away from your home, don’t forget to keep the fire safety tools near you. Also, be cautious when you ignite and extinguish a fireplace, especially a wood-burning one. However, it’s also dangerous to leave your outdoor fireplace unattended. So always be near your fireplace and take all preparation at your hand-reach to control the situation if any fire accident happens.


Budget is always a matter to consider before buying a thing. And it should be. We always want to get the best out of our budget. But without proper guidelines, you may not succeed with that. Or, if you don’t have the proper idea of the value feature of a particular product, you may end up with a loss project. Same, many people assume that an outdoor fireplace must be an expensive thing, but it hardly is. You can find a range of outdoor fireplaces with great features, like this article’s 10 reviewed outdoor fireplaces.

Best Outdoor Fireplace In 2021 (Review)

1. Outland Living Propane Outdoor Firebowl 

best outdoor fireplace reviews

The Outland living outdoor fire bowl has been regarded as the “best of the best” fireplace option for the outdoors. No doubt, it has a massive heat output, multiple convenient features, and great portability. And the signature Outland living quality material makes it withstanding any rough use and long-lasting for years.  

This CSA-approved propane fire bowl is perfect for a clean, smokeless burn. With this, you can survive any local regulations and campfire bans. You can have a jaw-dropping heat output of 58000 BTUs from this 24-inch fire bowl, which is enough to warm up every inch of the surrounding area.  

It’s a non-assembling fire feature so that you can move this to any corner of your outdoor area. You will get a complete fire pit kit on the package consisting of a hose, lava rocks, and a UV and weather-resistant cover. Moreover, this propane outdoor fire bowl is constructed with high-quality steel with a protective enamel finish, stainless steel burner, and chrome valve knob. Whichever is durable and convenient for long-term use. 

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2. Outland Living Slate Grey Fire Table

Outland Living Slate Grey Fire Table Review

The Outland Living slate grey outdoor fire table can be missing part of your beautiful patio. The attractive look and robust structure of this fire table will deliver spontaneous heat and light. In a word, it will bring life to your outdoor space. From this fire table, you can get up to 50000 BTUs heat output. 

This fire table fireplace has an 8mm tempered glass on the top and the arctic ice decorative fire glass beads. Combined, both of these reflect the flame in a surreal manner that you can’t resist enjoying the visuals. All recent users have given positive and satisfying reviews about the durability of the top glass panel. 

This 44-inch fire table effortlessly goes with any patio. Open, closed, or in the seating space of your outdoor area. Besides giving off the heat, this Outland outdoor fire table will serve you different purposes. It will light up your space, add a decorative feature. Additionally, you can use the fire table as an alternative bistro table. Moreover, it’s a CSA-approved product. Safe and secure for household use.

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3. Bond Manufacturing Column Firebowl

Bond Manufacturing Column Firebowl Review

This column-style Bond Manufacturing Firebowl will instantly bring a rustic look to your backyard patio. You can pair up this fire bowl with any style of the patio, fire pit chair, swing sets, or beside your pool or opening of your backyard path. 

You can get heat output up to 40000 BTU per hour from this fire bowl fireplace. For ignition, you will get secure pulse ignition for lighting and extinguishing the flame. The whole structure is made of lite and weather-resistant envirostone, whichever is protected with ProCoat system guards. And it will give your unit protection against UV light, high temperature, and fading away. 

For assembling, you will not require a second helping hand. You will get proper instructions on the manuals. Also, you will get a 20lbs bag of lava rock to cover the fire bowl’s stainless steel burner. However, this fire bowl is a great outdoor fireplace option to serve you heat and increase the charm of your backyard.

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4. BALI OUTDOORS Fireplace With Chimenea

BALI OUTDOORS Fireplace With Chimenea Review

No one will feel the chill with this Bali outdoor fireplace with a chimenea. This complete 360-degree view fireplace is an ideal fireplace for gatherings and wood-burning fireplace lovers. It’s sturdy construction and designed to give a traditional chimenea fireplace look to your space. Additionally, this Bali outdoor fireplace can give you decent warmth and eye captivating visuals of wood flames.

This chimenea-style outdoor fireplace is easy to assemble. On its fire cage, you will get 22/20-inch diameter space for burning up to 16-inch long wood logs. The sliding doors with a handle give you easy access to the fire cage. Additionally, the whole fire cage area is protected with a mesh screen to keep the embers in.  

The fireplace is overall a durable construction of heavy-duty cast irons. It has four firm steel legs to keep the fireplace in place steady. With this fireplace, you will get wood-grate, poker, rain cap, and mesh guard for chimenea top. However, it’s a wood-burning fireplace, yet it’s easy to clean and maintain. It will bring light, warmth, and a good vibe to your outdoor areas.

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5. Limor Propane Outdoor Fireplace

Limor Propane Outdoor Fireplace Review

Bring this exclusive, compact, and feasible Limor outdoor propane fireplace home to experience a warm and cozy ambiance at your outdoor. This outdoor fireplace will deliver you 40000BTUs clean heat without making a fuzzy environment full of smoke or flying ash. Moreover, it’s a lightweight and handy option to take away with any corner of your backyard.

The 24-inch round shape fire bowl design of this fireplace will be the main attraction of your patio. When you pair this fire bowl with lava rock or fire glasses beside conceal and protect the stainless steel burner, the whole outlook sums up a lucrative center point on your space. It can fit in any place, whether it’s a closed or open patio. The fireplace is withstanding in windy weather, making it the perfect option for an outdoor fireplace.

For igniting this Limor fire bowl outdoor fireplace, you will get an integrated push-button. You can also control the heat and flame output with it. As it’s a propane outdoor fireplace option, you don’t have to put much effort into cleaning or maintaining this fireplace. You will get a protective vinyl cover with it. Other than that, it’s a DBI and UMC-certified propane fireplace. So you can rely on its mechanical safety.

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6. Sunnydaze Northland Wood Burning Outdoor Fire Pit

Sunnydaze Northland Wood Burning Outdoor Fire Pit Review

For having the most out of an outdoor fireplace option, grab this Sunnydaze Northland wood-burning one. It’s a 36-inch long outdoor fire pit that has the perfect BBQ/cooking grate option. The outdoor fire feature has hinged doors on the mesh screen that enable easy insert and removal of wood logs and grill grater. 

If you notice the detailing of the design, you will notice the in-built wood grate on this outdoor wood-burning fireplace. It keeps the woods up and the air well circulated. That initiates the complete and low smoke process of wood burning. Apart from being the ultimate fire feature for your outdoor space, you can also port this Northland wood-burning outdoor fire pit on camping sites easily.  

This one is made out of thick steel and coated with black high-temperature painting. This structural finish made this option heat and rust-proof. As a result, this one is the perfect fire feature for the outdoors. Additionally, you get all accessories, including the wood-grate and protective vinyl cover, with this package. That is more value-effective and convenient for users.

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7. Best Choice Natural Stone Fire Pit for Outdoor

Best Choice Natural Stone Fire Pit for Outdoor Review

This Best choice natural stone outdoor fire pit can be the ultimate outdoor fireplace option for anyone. Its natural decorative stonework on the sidelines holding up the durable stainless steel burner creates a surreal visual when inflamed. You can enjoy an imaginary vibe of igniting the fire amid a wild stone.

You can stand this beautiful 27.5-inch round fireplace at any point in your backyard. best is to place this in the middle of a seating area. Besides stone or brick pavers, this one is eligible for a wooden deck too. Though this outdoor fire pit option doesn’t require any assembly, grab the side handle and place this anywhere in the outdoor space you want.  

Moreover, this outdoor fire feature will deliver you a good 30000 BTUs of heat per hour. For operating this outdoor fire pit, you will get an easy spark-ignition button. That also allows you to control the flame. The connecting hose, lava rocks, and weather protection cover come with a package. Overall this Best choice outdoor fireplace option is an outstanding one for outdoors. 

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8. Sunjoy Smith Collection Wood Burning Fireplace

Sunjoy Smith Collection Wood Burning Fireplace Review

With this Sunjoy Smith collection of outdoor wood-burning fireplaces, you can completely change the outlook of your backyard. This fireplace’s stiff, heavy-duty steel construction is exquisitely covered with natural tone ceramic tiles and copper color. 

Additionally, the beautiful black burning cage with a mesh screen door gives you a 360-degree view of the flame. The firebox is deeper than the door opening and features a wood lifting grater. This feature points out that you can burn more wood more efficiently. However, this outdoor wood-burning fireplace has classic up vents. That pulls the smoke directly towards the upper side and keeps the environment breathable. 

Other than that, the firebox grate is removable, so you can clean the ash and burn leftovers easily. As it’s an outdoor fire feature, this one comes with a durable waterproof protective cover. Moreover, this Sunjoy wood-burning fireplace serves you heat and a decorative vibe to your outdoors.

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9. Outdoor Propane Fire Pit Table

Outdoor Propane Fire Pit Table Review

This 34-inch concrete outdoor fire table will add warmth, comfort, and great visuals to your patio. The smooth finish and smart square shape effortlessly bring a tidy and sorted vibe to your space. Additionally, it’s a propane fire feature that will keep the flame and heat high and the smoke or low to none. 

For assembling this outdoor fire pit table, you don’t have to think a lot. Put the attractive firestone on the stainless steel chassis and cover the burner. Join the fuel tank and burner with the hose. It’s all ready to perform. However, this outdoor fire table has a simple knob and switch control for easy ignition and convenient operation.

It’s a well efficient outdoor fireplace with 40000 BTUs output. This package has the fuel tank cover included that can be an alternative to a side table. With this option, you can tame every outdoor need of a fire feature. Like the warmth, bright vibes, decorative features and roasting and toasting, and so on. Moreover, it’s an IAPMO and CSA-certified product. So you and your guests can enjoy warm, safe, and memorable outdoor times.   

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10. Landmann USA Redford Outdoor Fireplace

Landmann USA Redford Outdoor Fireplace Review

The Landmann Redford outdoor f]irepace can be the ultimate option for your backyard. Its contemporary design easily blends with the rawness and green of your outdoor space. However, this heavy-duty steel-made fireplace is robust and protected with black sand paint coating. 

On this Landmann outdoor fireplace, you will get a dedicated fire pan with a built-in grater. It will keep your firewoods high to facilitate proper air circulation for a clean and efficient burn. The 360-degree viewing cage has a hinged door for the convenient movement of firewoods. Moreover, the fire pan has a handle for easy removal so that you can clean the embers easily. 

Additionally, this outdoor wood-burning fireplace features a large chimney with a steeply pitched lid. It helps to minimize the smoke in different wind conditions. Also, the whole spark screen will protect you from flying embers. And you will get a 24-inch poker included with this fireplace to control the firewoods. Additionally, you don’t have to do a lot to set up this fireplace. In no time, it will be the source of light, warmth, and point of attraction for your outdoors.

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Frequently Asked Question 

Are outdoor fireplaces worth it?

Yes, for sure. Whatever the investment is, you can get unexpected returns from your outdoor fireplace. This feature naturally adds up a center of gathering to your outdoor area. You can get heat, cozy light, and cooking facilities with an outdoor fireplace. Moreover, an outdoor fireplace can completely change the outlook of your backyard. So it’s worth it.

What should I put around my outdoor fireplace?

Depending on the type of your outdoor fireplace, you can put inserts like lava rocks, fire glass, sand gravel, or coal (on wood burning fire pit) on it. Would you please keep a special note if you use a wood-burning outdoor fireplace that doesn’t put any unseasoned wood or any green particles? It will cause too much smoke to ruin your ambiance. Only try finely seasoned woods, kiln-dried woods, and other firewood alternatives

Do outdoor fireplaces keep you warm?

Yes, an outdoor fireplace can provide you enough heat to stay warm for hours. It may vary depending on the fuel you are using, but if you can put the fireplace in the right place, you can get a significant amount of warmth. As it will serve an outdoor area, wind can be a cause of heat loss. So try to place the outdoor fireplace in a non-windy direction or block the winding path as much as possible. Doing these will help you to get proper warmth.

What is the purpose of an outdoor fireplace?

An outdoor fireplace serves different purposes. Apart from providing warmth, it outstandingly works as an inevitable element for your outdoors. An outdoor fireplace can make your patio lifelong and lively. Also, you can do cooking and get light from it.

Does an outdoor fireplace need a chimney?

If you are using a wood-burning one, then yes, your fireplace must need a chimney. For an outdoor wood-burning fireplace, a chimney will work as a catalyst for efficient air circulation. The chimney will help pull out the smoke and draw fresh oxygen, so the firewoods get enough air to burn completely.  


An outdoor fireplace is a crucial feature for bringing life to your outdoor space. Get the best one for you. We hope you like reading this write-up, and it might be helpful for you to figure out which outdoor fireplace will be the life of your backyard. Our try was to provide you with the 10 best outdoor fireplace options and a thorough discussion of what factors to consider before buying it. So best of luck with your purchase! We wish that you get the best outdoor fireplace to complete your beautiful outdoors!

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