10 Best Wood Burning Fire Pits in 2022 with Buying Guide

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Last updated May 1, 2022
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Best Wood Burning Fire Pits in 2022

Wood burning fire pits are classic, durable with maximum output, and cheaper than any other firepits. 

If you are fond of traditional things, you aim to get a highly efficient and long-lasting fire pit within budget. Then a wood-burning fire pit is a solution for your quest. 

We are using the wood-burning fire pit from eras. They are the oldest traditional way of producing heat. A wood-burning fire pit is easy to conduct, which allows them a more straightforward yet firm construction. Their popularity never gets pale because of their excellent heat efficiency. In the market, there are so many options, so many designs within a reasonable budget. 

Here we will serve you with a list of the ten best wood-burning fire pits of the current trend. Know about the features, the specialty, the shortcomings and choose the best fit for you. There will be additional information about the products along with a buying guide to make your experience even smoother.

Best Wood Burning Fire Pits to Buy

1. Best Overall : OOX Outdoor Wood-burning Fire Pit with BBQ Grill

OOX Outdoor Wood-burning Fire Pit with BBQ Grill Review

Bring comfort and convenience to your backyard, porch, patio, or any outdoor space with the OOX outdoor wood-burning fire pit. The OOX fire bowl stands out among its competitors for everything it has to offer you.

If you love the traditional vibe and smell of a wood-burning fire pit but are looking for a more convenient and affordable option, you should definitely consider this one.

The fire stove features a functional design to ensure a cleaner and longer burn producing minimal smoke and leftovers. Therefore, it leaves you with less work and more enjoyment after each session. The premium quality materials, spark screen, durable cover, fire poker as well as user-friendly features make it a reliable option for you to enjoy a warm, safe fire environment for many coming seasons.


  • Robust Construction: The OOX outdoor fire pit features heavy-duty steel construction with a black high-temperature paint finish. Therefore, it is pretty sturdy, durable, rust-resistant, fade-resistant, and can withstand intense heat exposure.
  • Functional Design: This fire product features diamond-shaped mesh holes/vents at the sides and 8 “hidden” bottom holes to ensure sufficient air circulation for cleaner and a longer burn.
  • Durable Materials: The fire stove is made from premium-grade crafting materials: alloy steel and metal. Therefore, it offers you a satisfying service for many seasons without any drop in quality.
  • Portable and Lightweight: The outdoor fire bowl offers portability, flexibility and weighs 34.1 pounds only. You can easily carry this lightweight fire companion to your desired outdoor spot and create a warm, cozy fire environment conveniently and effortlessly.
  • Compact Size: The fire pit comes in dimensions of 29.5 x 29.5 x 12.9 inches. It has a space-saving design and is pretty compact. Therefore, you can easily transport it to your outdoor spot, carry it along with you to your long road trips, backyard BBQ parties, campfire gatherings, etc.
  • Practical Bundle Package: The fire pit comes in a useful bundle package that includes:
  1. Fire Pit Bowl with 4 sturdy legs and 1 outer ring.
  2. Spark Screen
  3. durable, all-weather PVC cover
  4. Fire Poker
  5. Cooking Grill (½ in size)
  6. Handle
  • Cooking Compatibility: You can easily turn this wood-burning fire pit into your cooking station just by adding cooking grates/grills. With this one, you can enjoy cooking in an open place and make BBQ, campfire foods whenever you want.

Things you are going to enjoy

  • Protection from flying sparks or hot embers with the included spark screen guard.
  • Full coverage from adverse weather or outdoor elements and extended durability with the included fire pit cover.
  • Safe removal of the spark screen with the included fire poker.
  • Easy and safe relocation of wood logs with the included fire poker.
  • Portable and lightweight.
  • Easy to clean, maintain and store.
  • Easy to transport, move, carry, pack and unpack.
  • Multifunctional, can be used both as a heater and a cooking stove.

Things you need to consider

  • Assembly Required

Final thought 

With the OOX outdoor fire bowl, you will get a satisfying performance, durability, functionality, portability, cooking compatibility, flexibility and much more- within your budget. You should definitely get this one if you want more than what you pay for.

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2. Best Budget : Landmann USA Bromley Fire Pit

Landmann USA Bromley Fire Pit Review

The Bromley Fire Pit is perfect for fit in your beautiful backyard. Your fire will last longer to keep you and your family warm. Its sturdy construction will provide you hassle-free service with durability. 

If you are searching for a sturdy fire pit that is not so big or not so small and wants the warmth to stay for a long time, this Landmann Bromley is perfect for serving you.

The fire pit’s diameter is 25.8 inches, and it is 7 inches deep. The size fits easily in any space, and it is pretty deep to put in an adequate amount of wood in it!  It has an exclusive diamond cut-out on its surface. That helps in air circulation to keep the fire alive for a long time. And this fire pit has gained durability from its sturdy construction of steel legs with a support ring.


  • Perfect size: This fire pit will fit perfectly in your patio or backyard. It is 25.8inches in diameter and 7 inches deep. You will find this size perfect for use.
  • Sturdy: The fire pit is steel constructed. That ensures firmness and durability to you.
  • Accessories: You will get this fire pit including a steel made poker with the packaging. 
  • Durable: There are four decorative legs coupled with a steel made support ring that gives your fire pit a durable and robust base.
  • Unique feature: It has a diamond cut-outs design on its surface. Beautifying your fire pit’s looks also helps air circulate and keep the flame high for you a long time. 
  • Harmful chemical free: Do not contain any toxic substance such as lead. You can safely cook on it.

Things you are going to enjoy

  • It will fit anywhere.
  • You can keep much wood contained.
  • Inbuilt air circulation will enhance the fire. 
  • You can get s’mores and roasted hot dogs. 
  • Easy to clean. 
  • Value for money.

Things you need to consider

  • Take a bit of extra time to assemble.
  • It can get rusted if not kept properly.

Final thought 

This fire pit is an efficient and durable one with minimal space occupancy. It will fit into any yard or patio. A shortlisted one.

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3. Best For Durability : Y-ME Wood Burning Fire Pit

Y-ME Wood Burning Fire Pit Review

Y-ME Fire Pit is designed to serve you warmth for a long time. Its sturdy construction and features will value the best for your money. 

If you think of getting a durable fire pit for your large family or having your gang at your place on weekends, keep them warm and have your favorite BBQ with this Y-ME Wood Burning Fire Pit. 

This fire pit is 24 inches big and 12.5 inches deep. You can pour a fair amount of wood and coal in it to burn for a long time. There are star and moon shapes cut out on its surface. These cuts generate air circulation, leading to excellent conduction of heat around you to keep you warm for a long time. The fire pit is steel made. Comes with long durability and all needed accessories, including mesh screen, vinyl cover, appreciably value for money.


  • Dimension: You will get a 12.5-inch deep bowl with a 24-inch diameter.
  • Accessories: A $19.99 cover, a 19.5-inch dual-use poker, and a mesh screen is provided for you.
  • Exclusive star and moon cut-outs: You will get exclusive cut-outs on this fire pit that creates an aesthetic decorative design and elevates the airflow to burn well. 
  • Dual efficient grate: You can use the grate that comes with the fire pit as both wood and BBQ grate.
  • Safe and neat design: There are ring handles on the side of the fire pit that you can carry and move safely. And the net-sealed cut-outs on the surface prevents the embers from flying out. You do not have to give effort in cleaning. 
  • Robust structure: The structure is made of heavy-duty steel. It ensures you a strong, firm, and durable fire pit.

Things you are going to enjoy

  • You can use a lot of wood or charcoal.
  • The heat will spread evenly throughout the beautiful star and moon cut-outs.
  • You can use the grate for BBQ, grill, outdoor cooking, or as a log grate. 
  • A complimentary $19.99 cover will prevent rusting.
  • You can move the wood or lift the spark screen safely using poker. 
  • Get a cozy ambiance with a festive vibe every day in your yard! 
  • Value for money.

Things you need to consider

  • The poker can be a little long. 
  • The poker’s shaft gets flimsy in prolonged use.

Final thought

Deep bowl, sturdy construction, and durable with all necessary tools makes the fire pit a must have one.

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4. Best For Space : Landmann USA Super Sky Fire Pit

Landmann USA Super Sky Fire Pit Review

Landmann’s Super Sky is tremendous and handy. You will find it easy to assemble. Also, it is made of heavy-duty steel that will give you a carefree service for years.

Do you want to have a large fire pit but thinking about the hassles and maintenance of the large fire pit? We have the solution, the Super Sky Fire Pit. It’s a Large fire pit but portable, easy to assemble, and substantial. 

The fire pit is 36 inches in diameter, with a support ring, 43 inches, and 23 inches tall with 10.5 inches deep fire bowl. You see? that is tremendous! Moreover, it is easy to assemble. What you have to do is join and tighten up the screws. It is heavy-duty steel made. It can take large loads for a long time.


  • Massive: The fire pit is 43 inches in diameter as a whole and 36 inches in diameter with 10.5 inches depth fire bowl. You can burn any amount of wood on this massive fire bowl’s 962 square inches surface.
  • Sturdy and durable construction: You will get heavy-duty steel on this fire pit’s construction with three sturdy steel legs. 
  • Heatproof: You also get the whole fire pit with a high-end sand paint finish for enduring high temperatures.
  • Easy transportation: The massive structure doesn’t make this fire pit fixed. The fire pit comes with a full circle handle in its inbuilt structure. So you can transport it very swiftly.
  • Accessories: You will get a large cover, a mesh screen, and a 37 inches solid steel poker with the fire pit.

Things you are going to enjoy

  • Huge fire pit to keep your large gathering warm for hours.
  • Safety spark guard included.
  • You can assemble it easily.
  • The fire pit is massive but handy.
  • A big cover and long poker come in the accessories. 
  • Budget-friendly.

Things you need to consider

  • Not appropriate for putting directly on grass.
  • It can be rusted if don’t keep properly.

Final thought 

Suppose you are looking for a massive and sturdy fire pit with an interesting design. In that case, you can have this super big, long-lasting Super Sky Fire Pit.

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5. Best Multifunctional : Outsunny Square Fire Pit

Outsunny Square Wood Burning Fire Pit Review

Outsunny Square Fire Pit’s modern look will be suitable for going with your smart patio interior. With excellent heat efficiency, it is easy to assemble. Lightweight, so you do not need to put extra effort into transporting.

If you are thinking of enhancing your backyard’s beauty with a good looking fire pit, which will ensure warmth with portability, then this fire pit is the best match for you. 

The fire pit has a 360-degree view with a stylish square shape. That looks better with any interior. Its 22 inches square heatproof basin with 4.75 inches allows you to put a fair amount of wood in it for burning. To assemble, put all the parts together with the screw provided with it. Although it is durable steel made, it weighs only 27lbs. Very lightweight to transport.


  • Multiple functioning: You can use the fire pit in different ways. Use it as a fire pit in winter, full of ice, use it for cooling your drinks in summer, or use it for barbecuing.  
  • Modern Design: This fire pit’s square-shaped contemporary modern look with a metal accented design will enhance the looks of your beautiful patio/ backyard.
  • Table to feature: The fire has a 32 inches wide, nice 360-degree view. That can be used as a tabletop on your patio.
  • Durable: The fire pit is made of sturdy steel with powder coated finishing for serving you years and ahead. 
  • Accessories: You will get a poker, a spark screen, a wood grate, and an outdoor cover with this fire pit.

Things you are going to enjoy

  • Extend your patio life.
  • It can be used in summer for cooling drinks.
  • Perfect for BBQ sausage and hot dogs. 
  • Also usable as a tabletop.  
  • Looks attractive.
  • Value for money.

Things you need to consider

  • Putting the fire pit barely on a wooden deck can affect your deck.
  • You have to purchase an extra grate for BBQ if you don’t have any.

Final thought

This Outsunny Square one is a multi-functioning, square-shaped, sturdy fire pit. Worth buying.

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6. Best Weatherproof : Titan Copper Outdoor Fire Pit

Titan Copper Outdoor Fire Pit Review

Titan Copper is a copper made fire pit. Copper doesn’t rust like iron. So you can use this fire pit roughly. You can enjoy a big campfire with it.

If you are fond of copper and its reddish metal look and want to have a campfire in your backyard, then the vast fire pit is for you. 

This fire pit is copper made, and copper is less susceptible to oxidation, not rust. You will get a rich metal finish. That can undergo long-term use and rough weather. This copper fire pit is 40 inches in diameter, creating approx 3 feet tall fire that can swiftly deliver a campfire vibe.


  • Durable construction: The fire bowl is constructed with real copper. Copper is a very tough metal. Which don’t oxidize or rust easily. And the stand is made of solid steel. Both together will serve you for years.
  • Great dimension: The fire pit is 40 inches in diameter. It is 13 inches in height with 8 inches in depth. The dimensional specification will serve you with multiple advantages of a fire pit.
  • Heating and lighting up outdoors: A 40 inches diameter fire bowl will allow you to create a giant fire for warming up and light up your outdoor area.
  • Weatherproof: This fire pit is real copper made. Copper does not rust over time, so you will have a fire pit withstanding any weather.
  • Accessories: A 27 inches long fire Iron tool is included with this fire pit. It will help you to move burning wood logs safely.

Things you are going to enjoy

  • Enhance your patio or yard’s class and elegance.
  • Huge for putting so much wood as you want.
  • Allows you to cook anytime you want. 
  • Gives you durable service with beautiful looks.
  • If you keep your fire pit properly, it will last for years without rusting. 
  • Comes in your budget.

Things you need to consider

  • A fire pit cover is not included. 
  • The steel bottom tends to be rusted if not kept properly.

Final thought

This real copper made fire pit is firm, durable, and beautiful. Get it covered when not in use for using this fire pit for years.

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7. Best For Camping : FDW Outdoor Wood-burning Fire pit

FDW Outdoor Wood-burning Fire pit Review

Who doesn’t love to gather around a warm, crackling fire with friends and family during cool summer or fall nights? The FDW outdoor wood-burning fire pit can be the ideal fire companion for you to enjoy a comforting, mesmerizing fire ambience.

If you love hosting outdoor gatherings, evening parties, dinner nights or simply love to sit outside with your beloved ones in cool weather, you should definitely consider this 3-in-1 wood-burning fire pit.

Crafted with premium-grade materials, this functional yet elegant fire pit features a sturdy and durable construction. You can use this as a perfect centerpiece for your outdoor fire environment, heater, cooking station or even an ice pit for an extended period.


  • Robust Construction: The outdoor fire table features a heavy-duty alloy steel and metal construction with a high-temperature powder-coated paint finish. The sturdy and reliable legs, along with the quality construction, make this fire pit suitable for you to enjoy a robust performance for many coming seasons.
  • Functional Design: The fire pit features an elegant yet functional design with a flame cut-out pattern that allows sufficient airflow into the system and ensures rising, mesmerizing flames to illuminate your backyard, lawn, patio, or any outdoor space.
  • Large Capacity: The fire pit comes in dimensions of 32 x 32 x 14 inches and can hold a large number of wood logs. Therefore, you won’t have to tender the fire constantly. With this one, you can just sit back and relax.
  • Portable and Lightweight: This outdoor fire table offers you portability, flexibility and weighs only 14.74 pounds being incredibly lightweight. You can easily move and relocate this fire pit and create your own fire ambience literally anywhere.
  • Easy Assembly: Install the fire pit within a short time following the step-by-step instruction manual. The simple and convenient setup process will give you more time to relax and enjoy the fire environment.
  • Multifunctionality: This outdoor fire pit offers you a 3-in-1 facility along with practicality. Apart from using the fire pit as a heater to warm yourself up in chilly weather, you can also turn this fire pit into a cooking station just by attaching a grill shelf to it and enjoy BBQ foods just in your backyard. 

Additionally, you can turn this fire table into an ice pit when not in use and stash ice cubes for your convenient use during dining.

Things you are going to enjoy

  • Sturdy and durable because of the quality crafting materials.
  • Portable and lightweight. Move and relocate without any trouble.
  • Protect your fireside from flying sparks or hot embers with the included spark screen cover.
  • Safely remove the spark cover and efficiently handle the wood logs with the included safety fire poker.
  • Cook and enjoy grilled campfire foods just by attaching a BBQ shelf (sold separately).
  • Turn the fire table into an ice pit and stash the ice cubes whenever in need.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • Easy to assemble. Set it up within a short time with the included complete kit and step-by-step assembly instruction guide.

Things you need to consider

  • Assembly required.

Final thought

If you are looking for an appealing centerpiece for your outdoor space that will enhance the beauty of your fireside while keeping you warm and cozy, the FDW wood-burning fire pit is the ideal choice for you. Apart from using it as a decorative piece, you will get robust performance, flexibility, portability, and cooking compatibility for an extended period.

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8. Best For Assembly : Ohio Flame Patriot Fire Pit

Ohio Flame Patriot Fire Pit Review

This Ohio Fire Pit is heavily structured, thick, and sturdy. You will get outstanding durability with no assembly required for using this Firepit. 

If you want an easily fixed fire pit for an extended period rather than changing it every year, then the fire pit would be the best choice for you. 

The Ohio Flame is a heavy steel gauge constructed. This fire pit is 30 inches in diameter and 68 pounds in weight. It is thick and robust. This type of sturdy construction makes this fire pit too durable to damage. It is a handmade two-piece welded design fire pit. No assembly is needed.


  • Construction: The fire pit is made of a heavy steel gauge. It is 30 inches in diameter and weighs 68 pounds. Very heavy and firm construction to serve you for years
  • Thickness: The bowl is 3/16 inches thick. You will have approximately 7 gauges of the steel structure on your patio.
  • Assemble: It’s a simple two-piece welded design. You will require nothing to assemble it.
  • Durable: With its thick, sturdy steel construction, you get durability for decades.
  • Warranty: This product features a lifetime warranty.

Things you are going to enjoy

  • No wood grate is required. 
  • The fire pit can be used roughly. 
  • No setup is required to assemble. 
  • You can showcase this fire pit as a piece of art.
  • Lifetime warrantied. 
  • Budget-friendly.

Things you need to consider

  • No covers included.
  • Too heavy to move single-handedly.

Final thought

This super thick, sturdy, and ready-to-use fire pit is perfect for any yard. If you are unwilling to spend time assembling a fire pit, then this one’s for you.

9. Best For Cooking : Amagabeli Wood Burning Fire Bowl

Amagabeli Extra Large Wood Burning Fire Bowl Review

Amagabeli Fire Bowl’s thick, sturdy construction will serve you for years. Its rustproof feature allows you to rough use. You will find it also easy to assemble. 

Suppose you want a thick and sturdy fire pit for necessary and regular use. The extra-large bowl fire pit is for you. 

This Amagabeli fire pit is 2.28mm thick. Cast iron made, which is less susceptible to rust. You can use this fire pit for camping, poolside or beachside parties and to everywhere you need. The only assembly required is to put the legs with the bowl.


  • Heavy structure: This extra-large 28 inches diameter fire pit is made of heavy cast iron, which is 2.28mm thick, and its weight is 19 pounds. Comes with three sturdy steel legs. You will find it strong enough for holding up any amount of weight you want to put on it. 
  • Rustproof: Cast iron is rust rarely. However, you will get a black high-temperature paint finish in it that makes it more durable to heat and rust.
  • Easy to assemble: You can easily set up this fire pit. Join the legs screw with the bowl, and it is all ready to fire up.
  • Wide usages: You can use this fire pit for camping, outdoor firing on the beach, and any events in any season. 
  • Service: This is a premium product. You will have dedicated and quick responding customer service whenever you need it.

Things you are going to enjoy

  • It’s a large fire pit with a convenient design.
  • The fire pit is very easy to use.
  • This fire pit is a cast iron made that is less prone to rust.
  • You port it easily.
  • You can cook on it. 
  • Value for money.

Things you need to consider

  • You will need an extra screen for protection.
  • The packaging is not up to mark. 
  • No drain hole in it.

Final thought

If you are looking for a fire pit that you can use roughly and use for multiple purposes like a campfire, cooking then this bowl fire pit is the perfect one for you.

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10. Best Look : Rust & Stainless Steel Patio Fire Pit 

Rust & Stainless Steel Patio Fire Pit  Review

The patio fire pit will give your patio, deck, or backyard a unique look with its natural appearance. It is steel made hand-finished durable construction. You will require no assembly to use this. 

If you want to present your space with impressive specs with the warmth of sturdy steel made natural-looking fire pit, then you can have the fire pit.

The fire pit has a sanded surface to acquire natural rust over time. That gives a hand made and natural look to this fire pit. It is a substantial steel made fire pit. The diameter is 25 inches and 14 inches in height with a stainless steel stand. Its dimension and constructional specificity make it durable. There are only two different parts of this fire pit. Place the bowl on the stainless steel stand; it is ready to use.


  • Dimensions: The 25 inches dimensional fire bowl with a height of 14 inches comes with a stainless steel stand. You can use this very conveniently.
  • Modern looks: The fire pit is made of hand-finished steel construction. This is firm and durable yet unique. It will give your patio a modern look.
  • Natural rusting: The sand paint on it allows you to get a rusted looking fire pit faster.
  • Portable: The fire pit bowl and the stainless stand weigh 33 pounds to let you carry them easily anywhere.

Things you are going to enjoy

  • Its naturally rusted looks add up a rawness to your patio or backyard.
  • Nice blend of uniqueness and contemporary design.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Durable stainless steel legs.
  • Handy and beautiful. 
  • Budget-friendly.

Things you need to consider

  • Covers and accessories have to purchase separately.
  • No support handle comes with the inbuilt structure, so difficult to move when it is on fire.

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Final thought

If you are a nature-lover, you will love the raw and hand-finished look of this patio fire pit.

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Things to Consider before Getting a Wood Burning Fire Pit

Anything before buying, you should clarify to yourself why you need that thing. How efficient the thing is going to meet your needs. Then the features, specification, appearance, and if the thing is for your money or not. 

So if you come to the point that you will buy a wood-burning fire pit, these are the top things you should consider.

1. Material

Material is the first thing you should take on your knowledge. The fire pits are mainly made with different types of metals like iron, cast iron, steel, copper, stainless steel, etc. 

Iron– Iron is a common metal in our household. It is safe, available, and easy to keep up. But as iron tends to rust, if you will have an iron-made fire pit, cover it up to ensure you use your fire pit for a longer period. 

Cast Iron– this metal made product has an exclusive hand-finished outlook, which will give your fire pit a natural rawness. Cast iron is pretty durable, and it is also good for cooking.

Copper– Copper is firm metal with extensive durability. And the classic reddish look of copper, you never can get over! 

Stainless steel– Nowadays, stainless steel is becoming more familiar to us. It’s sturdy and durable yet light in weight.

Metals are prone to water and air. However, your full fire pits have weather-coated paint on them, but make sure to cover your fire pit when it is not in use. 

2. Durability 

That is the most important thing to consider before buying a wood-burning fire pit. Check the reviews and comments on how durable a user finds a fire pit. Choose among the best metals and sturdily constructed ones. After purchasing, take routine care of your fire pit. Clean them after every ignition. Cover and store in a safe place when not in use.

3. Size and shape 

There is huge versatility in the size and shapes of the fire pit. Large and massive to small and convenient in size. Round, square, rectangle shapes are basic ones. 

Before choosing the size or shape, estimate the space of your patio or backyard. You can explore the modern outdoor layouts of different outdoor interiors to know what size will go with your space. 

Ensure your fire pit does not consume too much space, or it becomes too tiny to warm up your area. 

4. Design 

Fire pits design should go up with your taste, setup, and vibe of the space. It is important to hold up the whole scenario. The design can vary from company to company. But most of them want to pace up with the trend and user interest. If you are a contemporary lover, you can have one with modern looks.

wood burning fire pit designs

If your place emphasizes tradition, then a traditional design will bring you the best outcome. so before buying, you can check on them in an online marketplace or your nearby physical store.

5. Assembling 

Assembling can be a hard deal if your fire pit has too much equipment to put in. It can be time consuming and irritating. Be sure that your fire pit does not require huge time and hassles to assemble. Find the easy and prompt one.

6. Multiple-use 

Not just burning the woods, your fire pit also has the facilities of BBQing and roasting foods like hot dogs, sausage, marshmallows, etc. try not to choose any with harmful paint or chemical coating with it. 

7. Budget

The product’s price depends on the size, materials, quality, and type of the manufacturer. The price range has huge versatility, starting from only 49$. Make sure you get your fire at the best price and get the best deal. Pay for the product that gets the best value for your money. 

Frequently Asked Question 

What fire pit gives off the most heat?

Undoubtedly the wood-burning fire pits. Cause wood burns most high, and wood can produce huge flames than other burners like gas, electricity, etc. With a larger flame, the heat gets high and warmer. 

Can you leave a fire pit burning? 

Never. Never leave your burning fire unattended. Fire tends to be dangerous if you misuse it or be careless, even for a while. Please take safety measures ready and in safe reach to avoid any unwanted situation.

Can I burn ‘any’ wood in a fire pit?

Preferably No. Not every woods are for burning. Some may produce fatal toxins while burning. Poisonous ivy, poisonous oak, Pine, and processed woods are not eligible and safe for burning.

Want to know more about what you shouldn’t burn in a fire pit? This article may have some helpful information.  

What do you put in the bottom of a wood-burning fire pit?

You can use a log grate, lava rocks, or sand in the bottom of a wood-burning fire pit. That will create extra space for burning.

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Do fire pits keep you warm? 

Fire is characterized to give you warmth. So the fire pit is. It depends on the fuel or the efficiency of conduction of heat how much warmth you will get from your fire pit.


We hope this writing will meet your query and help you to choose the best wood-burning fire pit for you. Go through all the specifications before choosing your one. Keep warm, your dear ones, with the perfect wood burning fire pit. Enjoy the lit night, cozy ambiance, and romantic times! Wishing you the best! 

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